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Title: Affective Style, Humor Styles and Happiness
Authors: Ford, Thomas E.
McCreight, Katelyn A.
Richardson, Kyle
Issue Date: 13-Aug-2014
Publisher: PsychOpen
Abstract: The present study examined the relationships between dispositional approach and avoidance motives, humor styles, and happiness. In keeping with previous research, approach motives and the two positive humor styles (self-enhancing and affiliative) positively correlated with happiness, whereas avoidance motives and the two negative humor styles (self-defeating and aggressive) negatively correlated with happiness. Also, we found support for three new hypotheses. First, approach motives correlated positively with self-enhancing and affiliative humor styles. Second, avoidance motives correlated positively with self-defeating humor style, and third, the positive relationship between approach motives and happiness was mediated by self-enhancing humor style.
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