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Title: Internet access and use
Authors: Grošelj, Darja
Petrovčič, Andraž
Dolničar, Vesna
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The thematic survey questionnaire “Internet access and use” was developed by researchers from the Centre for Social Informatics, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. Comprehensive research of social aspects of information and communication technologies (ICT), especially the internet, is very important for understanding the role of ICT in contemporary society and their social effects. The thematic module is thus based on the theories of digital inequality. Within this framework, modes of access to the internet, use of the internet and their specific outcomes were examined in detail. Indirect use of the internet (i.e. proxy internet use) was also examined, both from the point of view of those who offer proxy internet use and those who receive proxy internet use, with an emphasis on the relationship between the provider and the recipient of proxy use in informal contexts, specific types of use, and reasons for undertaking proxy internet use. The survey questionnaire also included an assessment of the individual's ICT skills.
Citation: Grošelj, D., Petrovčič, A., & Dolničar, V. (2018). Internet access and use. Leibniz Institut für Psychologische Information und Dokumentation (ZPID).
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