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Title: GInKA - Gesundheitsbezogene Informationskompetenzen im Alter. Projektbericht.
Authors: Mayer, Anne-Kathrin
Friebe, Jens
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: ZPID (Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information)
Series/Report no.: ZPID Science Information Online
Abstract: The term “health information literacy” denotes a set of knowledge, skills and abilities which enables people to obtain and use health information and, e.g., to improve individual health behavior. The report provides an overview of conceptual and methodological approaches to this research topic and accounts for its specific relevance in middle and older adulthood. In addition, results of a questionnaire study (N = 100, 55-87 years) are presented. The study investigated older adults’ health-related information behaviors and provides information about the extent to which adult education is necessary to promote health information literacy in middle and older age. The answers corroborate pronounced interest in "healthy ageing" among participants, considerable subjective knowledge gaps in the field of health information searching and high subjective training needs. Results are discussed with regard to their implications for the design of differentiated adult education programs.
Citation: Mayer, A.-K. & Friebe, J. (2018). GInKA - Gesundheitsbezogene Informationskompetenzen im Alter. Projektbericht. ZPID Science Information Online, 18 (1). doi:
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