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Title: An emotion-differentiated perspective on empathy wth the emotion specific empathy questionnaire.
Authors: Olderbak, S.
Sassenrath, C.
Keller, J.
Wilhem, O.
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Empathy refers to the thoughts and feelings of one individual in response to the observed (emotional) experiences of another individual. Empathy, however, can occur towards persons experiencing a variety of emotions, raising the question of whether or not empathy can be emotion specific. This paper discusses theoretical and empirical support for the emotion specificity of empathy. We present a new measure, the Emotion Specific Empathy questionnaire, which assesses affective and cognitive empathy for the six basic emotions. This paper presents the measure’s psychometric qualities and demonstrates, through a series of models, the discriminant validity between emotion specific empathies suggesting empathy is emotion specific. Results and implications are discussed.
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