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dc.contributor.authorFreeman, Harry-
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dc.contributor.authorAnisAbdellatif, Musheera-
dc.identifier.citationFreeman, H., Gnimpieba, E., & AnisAbdellatif, M. (2021). Supplemental Materials for: A Qualitative Validation of Two Diagrammatic Measures of Attachment Network Structure. PsychArchives.
dc.description.abstractIn two qualitative evaluation studies, we explored the construct validity of two diagrammatic measures of attachment network structure, including the Bull’s Eye diagrammatic technique and a significantly modified version, the Web-based Hierarchical Mapping Technique (WHMT). In the first study, 20 young adults completed a Bull’s Eye diagram followed by a semi-structured interview in which participants explained their placement of support figures in their diagrams. Interview transcripts were analyzed using theory-driven thematic analysis to determine the presence of attachment-related themes, including safe haven, secure base effect, and proximity maintenance. Findings indicated mixed support for the Bull’s Eye as a measure of attachment networks. Although attachment themes were dominant among participants who identified a parent as their primary attachment figure, this was not the case among participants who identified a peer as a primary attachment figure. Participant justifications for peer attachments relied on non-attachment themes, including identity exploration and companionship. In the second study, we applied the same qualitative method to investigate the WHMT. Saturation was reached sooner and attachment themes were dominant for both parent and peer primary attachment. Findings lend support to the construct validity of the WHMT as a new measure of attachment network composition and strength.en
dc.titleSupplemental Materials for: A Qualitative Validation of Two Diagrammatic Measures of Attachment Network Structureen
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