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Title: Preregistration of a Registered Report Protocol: Survey on attitudes and experiences regarding preregistration in psychological research
Other Titles: Survey on preregistration in psychology
Authors: Spitzer, Lisa
Mueller, Stefanie
Issue Date: 3-May-2021
Publisher: PsychArchives
Abstract: Background: Preregistration, the open science practice of specifying and registering details of a planned study prior to knowing the data, increases the transparency and reproducibility of research. Large-scale replication attempts for psychological results yielded shockingly low success rates and contributed to an increasing demand for open science practices among psychologists. However, preregistering one’s studies is still not the norm in the field. Here, we propose a study to explore possible reasons for this discrepancy. Methods: In a mixed-methods approach, an online survey will be conducted, assessing attitudes, motivations, and perceived obstacles with respect to preregistration. Participants will be psychological researchers that will be recruited by scanning research articles on Web of Science, PubMed, PSYNDEX, and PsycInfo, and preregistrations on OSF Registries (targeted sample size: N = 296). Based on the theory of planned behavior, we predict that positive attitudes (moderated by the perceived importance of preregistration) as well as a favorable subjective norm and higher perceived behavioral control positively influence researchers’ intention to preregister (hypothesis 1). Furthermore, we expect an influence of research experience on attitudes and perceived motivations and obstacles regarding preregistration (hypothesis 2). We will analyze these hypotheses with multiple regression models, and will include preregistration experience as control variable. This is a preregistration for the described study. The Registerd Report Protocol is currently under review.
Citation: Spitzer, L., & Mueller, S. (2021). Preregistration of a Registered Report Protocol: Survey on attitudes and experiences regarding preregistration in psychological research. PsychArchives.
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