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Title: Supplementary Materials to: External Validation PBQ (SMPBQ)
Other Titles: Supplementary Material for External Validation and Test-Retest Reliability of Postpartum Bonding Questionnaire
Authors: Torres-Giménez, Anna
Roca-Lecumberri, Alba
Sureda, Barbara
Andrés-Perpiña, Susana
Palacios-Hernandez, Bruma
Gelabert, Estel
Farré-Sender, Borja
Subirà, Susana
Garcia-Esteve, Lluisa
Issue Date: 8-Apr-2021
Publisher: PsychArchives
Abstract: The aim of the present study was to validate the Spanish PBQ against external criteria of bonding disorder, as well as to establish its test-retest reliability. One hundred fifty-six postpartum women consecutively recruited from a perinatal mental health outpatient unit completed the PBQ at 4-6 weeks postpartum. Four weeks later, all mothers completed again the PBQ and were interviewed using the Birmingham Interview for Maternal Mental Health to establish the presence of a bonding disorder. Receiver operating characteristic curve analysis revealed an AUC value for the PBQ total score of 0.93 (95% CI: 0.88– 0.98), with the optimal cut-off of 13 for detecting bonding disorders (sensitivity: 92%, specificity: 87%). Optimal cut-off scores for each scale were also obtained. The test-retest reliability coefficients were moderate to good. Our data confirm the validity of PBQ for detecting bonding disorders in Spanish population. This document contains the Supplementary Material
Citation: Torres-Giménez, A., Roca-Lecumberri, A., Sureda, B., Andrés-Perpiña, S., Palacios-Hernandez, B., Gelabert, E., Farré-Sender, B., Subirà, S., & Garcia-Esteve, L. (2021). Supplementary Materials to: External Validation PBQ (SMPBQ). PsychArchives.
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