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Title: PsychOpen CAMA - A platform for open and cumulative meta-analyses in psychology
Authors: Burgard, Tanja
Issue Date: 22-Jan-2021
Publisher: PsychArchives
Abstract: Typically, meta-analyses are published as printed articles. This practice leads to serious limitations for the re-usability of meta-analytic data. Results of printed meta-analyses can often neither be replicated, nor can the sensitivity of the results to subjective decisions, as the use of statistical models, be examined. A solution for an infrastructure for continuous updating of meta-analytic evidence is the concept of CAMAs (Community-Augmented Meta-Analysis). A CAMA is an open repository for meta-analytic data, that provides a GUI for meta-analytic tools. PsychOpen CAMA serves the field of psychology. The PHP application relies on an OpenCPU server to process requests from the analyses called from the GUI. Meta-analyses published on the platform are accessable and can be augmented by the research community in case of further evidence. All meta-analytic functionalities (data exploration, meta-regression, publication bias, power analyses) can already be demonstrated with our test version.
Citation: Burgard, T. (2021). PsychOpen CAMA - A platform for open and cumulative meta-analyses in psychology. PsychArchives.
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