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Title: Preregistration Standards for Psychology - the Psychological Research Preregistration-Quantitative (aka PRP-QUANT) Template
Authors: Preregistration Task Force
Issue Date: 18-Feb-2021
Publisher: ZPID (Leibniz Institute for Psychology)
Abstract: As an international effort toward increasing psychology’s commitment to creating a stronger culture and practice of preregistration, a multi-society Preregistration Task Force* was formed, following the 2018 meeting of the German Psychological Society in Frankfurt, Germany. The Task Force created a detailed preregistration template that benefited from the APA JARS Quantitative Research guidelines, as well as a comprehensive review of many other preregistration templates.
This entry features the template, PRP_QUANT, in its current (and previous) version. The template can be downloaded here as .xlsx (Microsoft Excel), .docx (Microsoft Word), .odt (Libre Office) or .ipynb (JupyterLab) file or it can be filled out online via (a PDF will be automatically generated and send via email).
For more information about preregistration and the template in particular, we recommend watching the following webinar: (or browse the slides via the link under "related items"). It shows the launch of the template on October 27, 2020, featuring two keynote speakers: Simine Vazire of University of Melbourne, and E. J. Wagenmakers of University of Amsterdam.
*Preregistration Task Force members from the American Psychological Association (APA): Fred Oswald - Open Science and Methodology Committee Member; Rose Sokol-Chang - Publisher, APA Journals and Books; Amanda Clinton - Director, APA International Affairs, from the British Psychological Society (BPS): Daryl O'Connor - Chair of the BPS Research Board; Lisa Coulthard - Head of Research and Impact, from the German Psychological Society (DGP): Christian Fiebach - Secretary and Open Science Committee Member, from the Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID): Michael Bosnjak - Director; Stefanie Müller - Head of study planning, data collection, and data analysis services; Camila Azúa - Research Assistant, from the Center for Open Science (COS): David Mellor - Director of Policy Initiatives
Citation: Preregistration Task Force. (2020). Preregistration Standards for Psychology - the Psychological Research Preregistration-Quantitative (aka PRP-QUANT) Template. ZPID (Leibniz Institute for Psychology).
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