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Title: Workshop about OpenSesame, Python, and JATOS
Authors: Mathôt, Sebastiaan
Filevich, Elisa
Issue Date: Sep-2020
Publisher: ZPID (Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information)
Abstract: To foster the use of open-source software, ZPID invited Sebastiaan Mathôt to give a workshop on creating and analyzing experiments with his software OpenSesame and Python. One focus is on the conduction of webbased experiments. In this four-day workshop, you will learn all of the techniques that you need for running experiments online and offline, using open-source software. Specifically, you will learn: How to build experiments with OpenSesame; How to manage online experiments with JATOS; How to analyze data with Python.
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opensesame_recording_sess_01.mp4Session 1: Introduction to Python82,34 MBMP4 VideoWatch Download
opensesame_recording_sess_02.mp4Session 2: Introduction to numerical Python75,85 MBMP4 VideoWatch Download
opensesame_recording_sess_03.mp4Session 3: Introduction to OpenSesame115,55 MBMP4 VideoWatch Download
opensesame_recording_sess_04.mp4Session 4: Advanced numerical Python116,06 MBMP4 VideoWatch Download
opensesame_recording_sess_05.mp4Session 5: Using Python in OpenSesame125,98 MBMP4 VideoWatch Download
opensesame_recording_sess_06.mp4Session 6: Building online experiments with OSWeb159,12 MBMP4 VideoWatch Download
opensesame_recording_sess_07.mp4Session 7: Building your own experiment124,24 MBMP4 VideoWatch Download
opensesame_recording_sess_08.mp4Session 8: Managing online experiments with JATOS120,34 MBMP4 VideoWatch Download
opensesame_recording_sess_09.mp4Session 9: Collecting own data231,58 MBMP4 VideoWatch Download
opensesame_recording_sess_10.mp4Session 10: Downloading, converting, and opening your own data115,16 MBMP4 VideoWatch Download
opensesame_recording_sess_11.mp4Session 11: Analyzing your own data in Python153,32 MBMP4 VideoWatch Download
opensesame_recording_sess_12.mp4Session 12: Farewell + Q&A session287,06 MBMP4 VideoWatch Download

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