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dc.contributor.authorRapan, Klara-
dc.contributor.authorValerjev, Pavle-
dc.identifier.citationRapan, K., & Valerjev, P. (2020). Dataset for: Is Automation of Statistical Reasoning a Suitable Mindware In a Base-Rate Neglect Task [Data set]. PsychArchives.
dc.description.abstractUntil recently, studies within the dual-process approach were mainly focused on group differences in processing, and individual differences were neglected. However, individual differences have proven to be a significant factor in conflict detection efficiency and overall success in base-rate neglect and similar tasks, which should be taken into consideration within the framework of the Hybrid Model of Dual Processing. New tendencies in the development of this model have focused attention on the degree of mindware instantiation as a predictor of base-rate neglect task efficiency. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between mindware and base-rate neglect task efficiency, and to test the difference of base-rate response frequency and conflict detection efficiency depending on the degree of mindware instantiation. All participants solved base-rate neglect tasks, made judgments of confidence in their responses and solved the Statistical Reasoning Test, Cognitive Reflection Test and Numeracy Scale. We used the Statistical Reasoning Test as a measure of mindware instantiation. The degree of mindware instantiation was found to be the only significant predictor of base-rate neglect task efficiency and it was shown that participants with a higher degree of mindware instantiation generally made more base-rate responses. No differences were found in conflict detection efficiency, depending on the degree of mindware instantiation. These findings support the hypothesis that the power of logical intuition depends on the individual's degree of mindware instantiation. Therefore, the results of this research indicate the importance of further research into the role of statistical reasoning in base-rate neglect task efficiency.en
dc.titleDataset for: Is Automation of Statistical Reasoning a Suitable Mindware In a Base-Rate Neglect Tasken
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