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Title: Supplementary materials for: Black Hope Floats: Racial Emotion Regulation and the Uniquely Motivating Effects of Hope on Black Political Participation
Authors: Phoenix, Davin
Issue Date: Aug-2020
Publisher: PsychOpen
Abstract: Supplementary materials for: Phoenix, D. (2020). Black Hope Floats: Racial Emotion Regulation and the Uniquely Motivating Effects of Hope on Black Political Participation. Journal of Social and Political Psychology.
Drawing upon theories of group based emotion, group based efficacy and appraisal, I propose a model of racial emotion regulation to explain variations in how Black and White Americans respond emotionally and behaviorally to policy opportunity cues. I test the major claims of this model with data from an original experiment and national survey. Findings from the studies indicate that expressions of hope carry a strong and consistent mobilizing effect on the political participation of African Americans, while producing null effects on White participation. I discuss the implications of this model for our understanding of the potential of hope to shape appraisals and perceptions of efficacy among socially marginalized groups, opening up a distinct pathway through which they can be mobilized for political engagement.
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Phoenix JSPP BlackHopeFloats Figure1.pngFigure 1: Racial emotion regulation model—Illustrating the effect of hope on group efficacy and behavior90,48 kBimage/pngDownload
Phoenix JSPP BlackHopeFloats Figure2.pngFigure 2: Predicted probability plots—marginal effects of hope on vote likelihood, across Democrat race and election years. Includes 95% confidence intervals50,47 kBimage/pngDownload
Phoenix JSPP BlackHopeFloats Figure A1.pngFigure A1: Control and opportunity treatment flyers1,14 MBimage/pngDownload
Phoenix JSPP BlackHopeFloats Figure A2.pngFigure A2: Figure A3: Structural equation model, opportunity condition. Thin lines represent nonsignificant pathways20,81 kBimage/pngDownload

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