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Title: BMBF-project PsyCuraDat: Expert interviews (Metadata in Psychology 1.0: What researchers really need), interview transcripts and data file version 1.0.0
Other Titles: Dataset for: Metadata in Psychology 1.0: What researchers really need. Study description of the data referring to the expert interviews conducted in the BMBF-funded project PsyCuraDat
Authors: Blask, Katarina
Jalynskij, Maria
Gerhards, Lea
Issue Date: Feb-2020
Publisher: PsychArchives
Citation: Blask, K., Jalynskij, M., & Gerhards, L. (2020). BMBF-project PsyCuraDat: Expert interviews (Metadata in Psychology 1.0: What researchers really need). Data repository PsychArchives. PsyCuraDat: Expert interviews, interview transcripts and data file version 1.0.0, doi:
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PCD_I1_07102019_anonym2.pdfInterview transcript143,89 kBPDF-ADownload
PCD_I1_14102019_anonym3.pdfInterview transcript140,54 kBPDF-ADownload
PCD_I1_16102019_anonym4.pdfInterview transcript112,43 kBPDF-ADownload
PCD_I1_08102019_anonym5.pdfInterview transcript120,41 kBPDF-ADownload
PCD_I1_07102019_anonym6.pdfInterview transcript82,48 kBPDF-ADownload
PCD_I1_18102019_anonym7.pdfInterview transcript102,84 kBPDF-ADownload
PCD_I1_10102019_anonym8.pdfInterview transcript100,16 kBPDF-ADownload
PCD_I1_08012020_anonyma.pdfInterview transcript105,38 kBPDF-ADownload
PCD-I1-10012020_anonym9.pdfInterview transcript112,64 kBPDF-ADownload
PsyCuraDat_Expert Interviews_v-1-0-0_Masterfile.csvMasterfile4,2 kBCSVDownload
PsyCuraDat_Expert Interviews_v-1-0-0_Masterfile.savMasterfile14,51 kBSPSS data fileDownload

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2 10.23668/psycharchives.2756 2020-02-07 13:26:45.037 Data masterfiles were included in the new version
1 10.23668/psycharchives.2742 2020-01-29 17:00:14.0

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