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dc.contributor.authorBackfisch, Iris-
dc.contributor.authorLachner, Andreas-
dc.contributor.authorHische, Christoff-
dc.contributor.authorLoose, Frank-
dc.contributor.authorScheiter, Katharina-
dc.contributor.otherLeibniz-Institut für Wissensmedienger
dc.contributor.otherUniversity of Tübingenen
dc.description.abstractIn an expertise study with 94 mathematics teachers varying in their relative teacher expertise (i.e., student teachers, trainee teachers, in-service teachers), we examined effects of teachers' professional knowledge and motivational beliefs on their ability to integrate technology within a lesson plan scenario. Therefore, we assessed teachers' professional knowledge (i.e., content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, technological knowledge), and their motivational beliefs (i.e., self-efficacy, utility-value). Furthermore, teachers were asked to develop a lesson plan for introducing the Pythagorean theorem to secondary students. Lesson plans by advanced teachers (i.e., trainee teachers, in-service teachers) comprised higher levels of instructional quality and technology exploitation than the ones of novice teachers (i.e., pre-service teachers). The effect of expertise was mediated by teachers' perceived utility-value of educational technology, but not by their professional knowledge. These findings suggest that teachers’ motivational beliefs play a crucial role for effectively applying technology in mathematics instruction.en
dc.description.abstractDataset for: Backfisch, I., Lachner, A., Hische, C., Loose, F., & Scheiter, K. (2020). Professional knowledge or motivation? Investigating the role of teachers’ expertise on the quality of technology-enhanced lesson plans. Learning and Instruction, 66, 101300.
dc.description.sponsorshipThe research was supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany (BMBF) under contract number 01JA1611. Iris Backfisch is a doctoral student at the LEAD Graduate School & Research Network [GSC1028], funded by the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments.en
dc.subjecteducational technologyen
dc.subjectexpertise researchen
dc.subjectprofessional knowledgeen
dc.subjectexpectancy-value theoryen
dc.subjectmathematics teachingen
dc.titleProfessional Knowledge or Motivation? Investigating the Role of Teachers’ Expertise on the Quality of Technology-Enhanced Lesson Plans [Dataset]en
dc.title.alternativeDataset for: Professional Knowledge or Motivation? Investigating the Role of Teachers’ Expertise on the Quality of Technology-Enhanced Lesson Plansen
zpid.sourceinfo.journaltitleLearning and Instructionen
wgl.wglsubjectErziehung, Schul- und Bildungswesenger
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