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dc.contributor.authorLämmle, Lena-
dc.contributor.authorNussbeck, Fridtjof-
dc.contributor.authorZiegler, Matthias-
dc.identifier.citationLämmle, L., Nussbeck, F., & Ziegler, M. (2019). Research data of the Multiraterstudy Dark Triad 2015 [Data set]. PsychArchives.
dc.description.abstractThe current study builds on research concerning self-other agreement, specifically the Trait-Reputation-Identity (TRI) Model, and combines this theoretical approach and recent advances from multitrait-multimethod research, specifically the CTC(M-1) and the latent difference model. This combination was applied to avoid statistical problems associated with latent trait models of the type previously used in TRI Model research. A further aim was to fully exploit the TRI Model’s potential by simultaneously modeling more than one trait in one psychometric model. This makes it possible to explore whether raters use similar information to assess different traits or whether this information is observer-specific, as well as whether the traits themselves can shape an individual's Reputation. All analyses were based on a data set capturing the Dark Triad. As the Dark Triad has only rarely been examined from different rater perspectives before, the study also provides new insights into this network of maladaptive traits. A sample of 290 students, their best friends, and one parent were asked to fill out the NPI, Mach IV, and SRP-III. The results suggest that accuracy is high only for narcissism. Moreover, a dark halo could be observed among each of the other-raters for Machiavellianism and psychopathy; target’s standings on these two traits were also underestimated by the other-raters. The study’s combined use of the TRI Model and modern structural equation methods highlights the usefulness of the TRI Model and adds to the debate about the specific nature of Dark Triad traits.en
dc.description.tableofcontentsDataset: multiraterdata.sav; Codebook: multirater_codebook.pdfen
dc.subjectTrait-Reputation-Identity Modelen
dc.subjectLatent Difference Modelen
dc.subjectDark Triaden
dc.titleResearch data of the Multiraterstudy Dark Triad 2015en
dc.title.alternativeDataset for: Hello from the Dark Side: Does My Reputation Precede Me? Methodological Suggestions for Testing the Trait-Reputation-Identity Model.en
zpid.sourceinfo.journaltitleJournal of Personality Assessmenten
zpid.sourceinfo.publisherTaylor & Francis-
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