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Title: The role of autobiographical story-telling during rehabilitation among hip-fracture geriatric patients
Authors: Iannello, Paola
Biassoni, Federica
Bertola, Laura
Antonietti, Alessandro
Caserta, Valerio Antonello
Panella, Lorenzo
Issue Date: 19-Jun-2018
Publisher: PsychOpen
Abstract: Hip fracture is one of the most common health care problems among elderly people. Literature shows that high self-efficacy expectations and positive affect are some of the key issues in functional recovery after hip fracture. The present investigation tested whether self-narration of such life-breaking event influences self-efficacy and depression during the process of rehabilitation. We designed a Self-Narration Journey (SNJ) to be administered during the in-hospital rehabilitation. In Study 1, we investigated the influence of SNJ on depression and perceived self-efficacy. Study 2 aimed to explore the effect of SNJ, depression, and self-efficacy on functional recovery of independence to perform daily activities during the rehabilitation process. The data showed that the Self-Narration Journey proved effective in increasing the perceived self-efficacy and in lowering the level of depression. The present work highlights a significant effect of the SNJ on the functional recovery process.
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