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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Methodological aspects to be considered when measuring the approximate number system (ANS) – a research review.Dietrich, J. F.; Huber, S.; Nuerk, H.-C.
2015The influence of math anxiety on symbolic and non-symbolic magnitude processing.Dietrich, J. F.; Huber, S.; Moeller, K.; Klein, E.
2017Keeping up appearances: Strategic information exchange by disidentified group members.De Vreeze, J.; Matschke, C.
2015An integration of competing accounts on children’s number line estimation.Dackermann, T.; Huber, S.; Bahnmueller, J.; Nuerk, H.-C.; Moeller, K.
2015Neuronal Correlates of Cognitive Control during Gaming Revealed by Near-Infrared SpectroscopyWitte, M.; Ninaus, M.; Kober, S. E.; Neuper, C.; Wood, G.
2017Online EEG-Based Workload Adaptation of an Arithmetic Learning Environment.Walter, C.; Rosenstiel, W.; Bogdan, M.; Gerjets, P.; Spüler, M.
2015Social media and social capital: Introduction to the special issue.Utz, S.; Muscanell, N.
2006Knowledge acquisition by hypervideo design: An instructional program for university courses.Stahl, E.; Zahn, C.; Finke, M.
2015Attracted to power: Challenge / threat and promotion / prevention focus differentially predict the attractiveness of group power.Scholl, A.; Sassenrath, C.; Sassenberg, K.
2015Pupil dilation and EEG alpha frequency band power reveal load on executive functions for link-selection processes during text reading.Scharinger, C.; Kammerer, Y.; Gerjets, P.
2017Comparison of the working memory load in n-back and working memory span tasks by means of EEG frequency band power and P300 amplitude.Scharinger, C.; Soutschek, A.; Schubert, T.; Gerjets, P.
2017It has to be first-hand: The effect of first-person testimonials in medical communication on recipients' emotions and memory.Sassenrath, C. , Greving, H.; Sassenberg, K.
2014Influence of Anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) over the Right Angular Gyrus on Brain Activity during Rest.Clemens, B.; Jung, S.; Mingoia, G.; Weyer, D.; Domahs, F.; Willmes, K.
2014A motivational determinant of facial emotion recognition: Regulatory focus affects recognition of emotions in faces.Sassenrath, C.; Sassenberg, K.; Ray, D.; Scheiter, K.; Jarodzka, H.
2015Considering digits in a current model of numerical development.Roesch, S.; Moeller, K.
2016Effects of prompting in reflective learning tools: Findings from experimental field, lab, and online studies.Renner, B.; Prilla, M.; Cress, U.; Kimmerle, J.
2014Number processing and arithmetic skills in children with cochlear implants.Pixner, S.; Leyrer, M.; Moeller, K.
2011Learning how to identify species in a situated learning scenario: Using dynamic-static visualizations to prepare students for their visit to the aquarium.Pfeiffer, V. D.; Scheiter, K.; Kühl, T.; Gemballa, S.
2014A regulatory focus perspective on eating behavior: How prevention and promotion focus relates to emotional, external, and restrained eating.Pfattheicher, S.; Sassenrath, C.
2014An emotion-differentiated perspective on empathy wth the emotion specific empathy questionnaire.Olderbak, S.; Sassenrath, C.; Keller, J.; Wilhem, O.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 57