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Title: Work Addiction Among Employees and Self-Employed Workers: An Investigation Based on the Italian Version of the Bergen Work Addiction Scale
Authors: Molino, Monica
Scafuri Kovalchuk, Liiliya
Ghislieri, Chiara
Spagnoli, Paola
Issue Date: 15-Sep-2021
Publisher: PsychArchives
Abstract: The increasing interest in work addiction is connected to recent changes in the work culture and work habits. Despite this interest, knowledge pertaining to this phenomenon and measures to assess it are still limited. This study aims to contribute by examining the psychometric features of the Italian version of the Bergen Work Addiction Scale, a unidimensional scale based on the perspective of addiction. The research method consisted in two steps: in the first cross-sectional study, a convenience sample of 1,035 workers filled in a self-report questionnaire; the second step was a two-wave longitudinal study that involved a convenience sample of 292 workers. Results confirmed the psychometric properties of the scale across employees and self-employed groups. Moreover, results showed a significantly higher level of work addiction among self-employed workers than employees. This study provides support for the evaluation of workaholism in the Italian context among different kind of professions.
Citation: Molino, M., Scafuri Kovalchuk, L., Ghislieri, C., & Spagnoli, P. (in press). Work addiction among employees and self-employed workers: An investigation based on the Italian version of the Bergen Work Addiction Scale [Accepted manuscript]. Europe's Journal of Psychology.
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