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Title: The Interaction Between Working Memory and Inhibition in a Choice Reaction Time Task
Authors: Jarrold, Christopher
Wright, Georgia
Li, Kailing
Shah, Punit
Issue Date: 28-Aug-2021
Publisher: PsychArchives
Abstract: Previous studies of executive functioning have tended to use separate tasks to measure working memory and inhibition, increasing the confounding effect of task-specific variance. This study employs a novel choice reaction time task modelled on previous usages of the spatial conflict or Simon task. Memory and inhibitory loads are manipulated orthogonally across conditions. We also explore the correlations between the inhibition and memory components and measures of autistic and ADHD-related traits. A minimum of 48 adult participants will be recruited for an online study. The experimental task involves making left or right decisions to each of four possible stimuli that appear on the computer screen, either centrally or in left/right positions. The four task conditions are formed by crossing two levels of memory load with two levels of inhibitory load. Memory load is manipulated by varying the number of rules needed to remember stimulus-response mappings, inhibitory load by the location of the stimuli.
Citation: Jarrold, C., Wright, G., Li, K., & Shah, P. (2021). The Interaction Between Working Memory and Inhibition in a Choice Reaction Time Task. PsychArchives.
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