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Title: Reliability Generalization of three frequently used Open Access Measures: MAAS, SEK-27, and PSQ
Authors: Karadere, Gülay
Wedderhoff, Nadine
Bosnjak, Michael
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: ZPID (Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information)
Abstract: The aim of this work is to conduct RG studies with three selected open access test instruments (MAAS, SEK-27, and PSQ), and to answer these questions: (1) What is the average score reliability coefficient across the studies? (2) How large is the systematic variability (heterogeneity) of the score reliability across all studies? (3) Which study characteristics influence the score reliability across the studies? The main focus is on the examination of the moderator variables, as it is expected that the study characteristics are associated with and influence reliability. In order to include a representative set of studies, they will be selected according to explicit criteria and an appropriate literature search across several accesses (e.g., scientific databases, review of journals, backward and forward literature reference searching, contacting researchers). The data will be extracted in a coding sheet by two coders, and statistical analyses (i.e., pooling effect sizes, assessment of the heterogeneity, moderator analysis, assessment of publication bias, sensitivity analysis) will be conducted.
Citation: Karadere, G., Wedderhoff, N., & Bosnjak, M. (2020). Reliability Generalization of three frequently used Open Access Measures: MAAS, SEK-27, and PSQ. ZPID (Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information).
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