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Title: Measuring Supervisor Leader-Member Exchange: A Member Currency-Based Perspective
Authors: Ionescu, Anata-Flavia
Iliescu, Dragos
Issue Date: 25-Mar-2020
Publisher: PsychArchives
Abstract: Mplus and R scripts used for the validation of the SLMX-C scale
Citation: Ionescu, A.-F., & Iliescu, D. (2020). Measuring Supervisor Leader-Member Exchange: A Member Currency-Based Perspective. PsychArchives.
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CFA_mturk.txtconventional CFA on sample 2 (MTurk sample of 315 subordinates nested under 90 supervisors)309 BTextDownload
CFAB_mturk.txtCFA on the between-group covariance matrix (sample 2)280 BTextDownload
CFAW_mturk.txtCFA on the pooled-within covariance matrix (sample 2)308 BTextDownload
COVWB_mturk.txtgeneration of pooled-within and between-group covariance matrices (sample 2)401 BTextDownload
EFA.txtmultilevel EFA on sample 1 (Romanian sample of 371 subordinates nested under 63 supervisors)407 BTextDownload
MCFA_mturk.txtmultilevel CFA (sample 2)475 BTextDownload
MCFA2nd_mturk.txtsecond-order multilevel CFA (sample 2)544 BTextDownload
SLMX_C.txtanalyses of criterion-related and incremental validity of the SLMX-C14,62 kBTextDownload

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