COVID-19 Snapshot MOnitoring (COSMO)     


In a crisis such as the 2020 outbreak of the newly emerged coronavirus, it is of utmost importance to monitor public perceptions of risk, protective and preparedness behaviours, public trust, as well as knowledge and misinformation to enable government spokespeople, the media, and health organizations to implement adequate responses. The purpose of this standard protocol for national serial cross-sectional studies is to allow rapid and adaptive monitoring of these variables over time and to assess the relations between risk perceptions, knowledge and misinformation to preparedness and protective behaviour regarding COVID-19 in each country implementing this study.

WHO Europe’s Insights Unit and Health Emergencies Programme are offering support to countries for implementation. We urge all users of the tool to let us know so that we can coordinate and share. This way, we can prevent that two institutions in one country are working in parallel with the same type of study.

Please contact: Katrine Bach Habersaat (, Martha Scherzer (

Publication of the study protocol / preregistration

Please use the WHO standard protocol from

It is suggested that each user of the tool adds its study protocol/questionnaire to the PsychArchives repository as referenced documents. This way they are connected to the WHO standard protocol and over time an overview is provided on country studies.

To submit the protocol, please use the PsychArchives Submission Assistant. Here you can upload your protocol and enrich the file with relevant metadata. Please make sure to take into account our technical guidelines concerning recommended file formats.

The metadata form for the national protocols are recommended to carry the following title information: (add the country name instead of COUNTRY X) "COUNTRY X COVID-19 Snapshot MOnitoring (COSMO COUNTRY X): Monitoring knowledge, risk perceptions, preventive behaviours, and public trust in the current coronavirus outbreak in COUNTRY X"

Feel free to add further materials to be attached to your PsychArchives entry, such as data, questionnaires, and other digital research objects as outlined here: