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Title: Accelerated Pubertal Development as a Transdiagnostic Mechanism Linking Childhood Trauma with Multiple Forms of Adolescent-Onset Psychopathology
Authors: Colich, N. L.
Platt, J. M.
Keyes, K. M.
Sumner, J. A.
Allen, N. B.
McLaughlin, K. A.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: PsychArchives
Abstract: Although early life adversity (ELA) increases risk for psychopathology, mechanisms linking ELA with the onset of psychopathology remain poorly understood. Conceptual models have argued that ELA accelerates development. It is unknown whether all forms of ELA are associated with accelerated development or whether early maturation is a potential mechanism linking ELA with the onset of psychopathology. We examine whether two distinct dimensions of ELA – threat and deprivation – have differential associations with pubertal timing in girls, and evaluate whether accelerated pubertal timing is a mechanism linking ELA with the onset of adolescent psychopathology. Data were drawn from a large, nationally representative sample of 4,937 adolescent girls. Multiple forms of ELA characterized by threat and deprivation were assessed along with age at menarche (AAM) and onset of DSM-IV fear, distress, externalizing, and eating disorders. Greater exposure to threat was associated with earlier AAM (B=-0.1, p=0.001). Each one-year increase in AAM was associated with reduced odds of fear, distress, and externalizing disorders post-menarche (ORs=0.74-0.85). Earlier AAM significantly mediated the association between exposure to threat and post-menarche onset of distress (proportion mediated=6.2%), fear (proportion mediated=16.3%), and externalizing disorders (proportion mediated=2.9%). Accelerated pubertal development in girls may be one transdiagnostic pathway through which threat-related experiences confer risk for the adolescent onset of mental disorders. Early pubertal maturation is a marker that could be used in both medical and mental health settings to identify trauma-exposed youth that are at risk for developing a mental disorder during adolescence in order to better target early interventions.
Citation: Colich, N. L., Platt, J. M., Keyes, K. M., Sumner, J. A., Allen, N. B., & McLaughlin, K. A. (2019). Accelerated Pubertal Development as a Transdiagnostic Mechanism Linking Childhood Trauma with Multiple Forms of Adolescent-Onset Psychopathology. PsychArchives.
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