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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07-14Table displaying the errors/flaws that will be used in the study "Videos in peer-review of Registered Reports"Spitzer, Lisa; Heycke, Tobias
2010TAF - TunnelangstfragebogenMühlberger, A.; Pauli, P.
2018-06-08Taking advantage of Twitter data to investigate sentiments towards environmental issues during the 2016 U.S. presidential electionMumenthaler, Christian
2016-12-15The tale of seeking treatment: A qualitative study of pulmonary tuberculosis patientsSuhariadi, Fendy; Zein, Rizqy Amelia; Alfian, Ilham Nur; Hadi, Cholichul
2018-06-07A tale of two researchers: Commonalities, complementarities, and contrasts in an examination of mental computation and relational thinkingOsana, Helena P.; Proulx, Jérôme
1998Tan Duns „On Taoism"Kleinen, Günter
2018-08-17Tax climate in the national press: A new tool in tax behaviour researchLozza, Edoardo; Castiglioni, Cinzia
2018A Taxonomy Proposal for Types of Interactions of Language and Place-Value Processing in Multi-Digit Numbers.Bahnmueller, J.; Nuerk, H.-C.; Moeller, K.; Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien
2017»Täter« und auch »Opfer«: Jungen und junge Männer mit sexuell übergriffigem VerhaltenKettritz, Torsten
2012-11-30Teacher Effectiveness in Relation to Emotional Intelligence Among Medical and Engineering Faculty MembersJha, Ajeya; Singh, Indoo
2016-03-24Teachers’ pedagogical power – A community school studyStoyanova, Stanislava; Ivantchev, Nikolay
2013-06-28Teachers’ Perception of the Relationship With Pupils Having Specific Learning DisabilitiesPasta, Tiziana; Mendola, Manuela; Prino, Laura Elvira; Longobardi, Claudio; Gastaldi, Francesca Giovanna Maria
2013TeamPuls - TeamPuls - TeamdiagnoseWiedemann, J.; Watzdorf, E.v.; Richter, P.
1999TeaP '99 - Beiträge zur 41. Tagung experimentell arbeitender PsychologenSchröger, Erich; Mecklinger, Axel; Widmann, Andreas
1999TeaP '99 - Programm der 41. Tagung experimentell arbeitender PsychologenSchröger, Erich; Mecklinger, Axel
2009TeaP - 51. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psycholog/innen in Jena - Tagungsprogramm und AbstractsEder, Andreas B.; Rothermund, Klaus; Schweinberger, Stefan R.; Steffens, Melanie C.; Wiese, Holger
2001TeaP 2001 - Programm - 43. Tagung experimentell arbeitender PsychologenZimmer, Alf; Lange, Klaus; Bäuml, Karl-Heinz; Loose, Rainer; Scheuchenpflug, Rainer; Tucha, Oliver; Schnell, Harald; Findl, Renate; Schneider, Carsten
2003TeaP 2003 - Programm - 45. Tagung experimentell arbeitender PsychologenGolz, Jürgen; Faul, Franz; Mausfeld, Rainer
2005TeaP 2005 - Experimentelle Psychologie - Beiträge zur 47. Tagung experimentell arbeitender PsychologenLange, Klaus W.; Bäuml, Karl-Heinz; Greenlee, Mark W.; Hammerl, Marianne; Zimmer, Alf
2006TeaP 2006 - 48. Tagung experimentell arbeitender PsychologenHecht, Heiko; Berti, Stefan; Meinhardt, Günter