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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-05-31The Paradoxical Effect of Praise and Blame: Age-Related DifferencesKaspar, Kai; Stelz, Helena
2015-11-27Paradoxical personality and academic achievement in college students from Buenos AiresFreiberg Hoffmann, Agustín; Fernández Liporace, María Mercedes
2018-09-07Parallel individuation supports numerical comparisons in preschoolersCheung, Pierina; Le Corre, Mathieu
2013-06-28Parasocial Romance: A Social Exchange PerspectiveAdam, Aimee; Sizemore, Brittany
2016-03-23Parent training for families with a child with ASD: A naturalistic systemic behavior analytic modelGena, Angeliki; Galanis, Petros; Tsirempolou, Erifylli; Michalopoulou, Eleni; Sarafidou, Kalliopi
2014-03-21Parenting and Politics: Exploring Early Moral Bases of Political OrientationJanoff-Bulman, Ronnie; Carnes, Nate C.; Sheikh, Sana
2016-03-23Parents’ and school career counsellors’ evaluations of the occupational competence of children with dyslexiaDiakogiorgi, Kleopatra; Tsiligirian, Ermioni
2019-05-30Participation in online surveys in psychology. A meta-analysis.Burgard, Tanja; Kasten, Nadine; Bosnjak, Michael
2018Partizipative Elemente bei der Gestaltung von Lehre am Institut für Psychologie der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität MünsterZeuch, Nina; Kegel, Lena; Mertens, Marlene; Schröder, Leonie
2018-08-03Patients’ perspectives about the design of a mobile application for psychotic disordersSimões de Almeida, Raquel; Sousa, Tiago; Marques, António; Queirós, Cristina
2019-05„PAYWALL – The Business of Scholarship“. Filmvorführung mit anschließender kontroverser Podiumsdiskussion über das Open-Access-PublizierenWeber, Bianca
2017PCL - Paranoia Checklist - deutsche FassungLincoln, T. M.
2011PDI - Pain Disability Index - deutsche FassungDillmann, U.; Nilges, P.; Saile, H.; Gerbershagen, H.U.
2012-10-31Pedology as a Complex Science Devoted to the Study of Children in Russia: The History of its Origin and EliminationMinkova, Elena
2012PEKS - Political Efficacy KurzskalaBeierlein, C.; Kemper, C. J.; Kovaleva, A.; Rammstedt, B.
2016PENTAplus Stressprävention für Oberstufenschüler und StudierendeBrusdeylins, Kerstin; Hagner, Jorinthe
2016-12-23Perceived and actual weight stigma among romantic couplesCollisson, Brian; Rusbasan, David
2017-03-03The perceived benefits of an arts project for health and wellbeing of older offendersWilkinson, Dean J.; Caulfield, Laura S.
2013-06-28Perceived Relationship Dissolution and Sexual Orientation of a Hypothetical Ex-Partner as a Threat to IdentityReysen, Stephen; Katzarska-Miller, Iva
2014-11-28Perceived Social Support and Academic Achievement in Argentinean College Studentsde la Iglesia, Guadalupe; Stover, Juliana Beatriz; Fernández Liporace, Mercedes