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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07-25O consumo de pornografia na internet numa amostra de mulheres PortuguesasGaspar, Maria João; Carvalheira, Ana
2013-12-16Objectification, Self-Objectification, and Societal ChangeZurbriggen, Eileen L.
2016-08-05The obligatory activation of practiced complex multiplication facts and what it tells us about models of arithmetic processingTronsky, Loel Nicholas
2013-04-30Occupational Burnout Among Employees in Some Service Occupations in Nigeria: Are Health Workers Different?Ogungbamila, Bolanle
2001ODAS - Survey-Feedback-Instrument zur Organisationsdiagnose an SchulenUlber, D.
2009ODQ - Oswestry Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire - deutsche FassungGaul, C.; Mette, E.; Schmidt, T.; Grond, S.
2002Oesterreich als Historiker der PhilosophieThiel, Christian
2013-11-29An Old Debate but Still Alive, Fruitful and Able to Renew Itself: The Language in Psychology Between the Particular and the Universal: Book Review of “Making Sense of Infinite Uniqueness: The Emerging System of Idiographic Science”Picione, Raffaele De Luca
2018OLEQ - Oldenburg Epistemic Beliefs QuestionnaireBerding, F.; Paechter, M.; Rebmann, K.; Schlömer, T.; Mokwinski, B.; Hanekamp, Y.; Arendasy, M.
2017-11-30On finding the source of human energy: The influence of famous quotations on willpowerAlcoba, Jesús; López, Laura
2012-08-29On Social and Organisational Psychology: Interview with Alex HaslamGlăveanu, Vlad; Haslam, Alex
2016-05-31On the emergence of mental space in psychology: Interview with Lucas Albert Charles DerksDerks, Lucas Albert Charles; Manea, Alexandru Ioan
2013-05-31On the Freedom of Speech and Expression: Interview with Noam ChomskyChomsky, Noam; Popescu, Beatrice
2015-05-29"On the future of the humanities": Interview with Professor Mircea Flonta, epistemologist and philosopher of scienceFlonta, Mircea; Popescu, Beatrice; Simionescu-Panait, Andrei
2013On the interrelation of multiplication and division in secondary school children.Huber, S.; Fischer, U.; Moeller, K,. Nuerk, H.-C.; Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien
2015On the limits of language influences on numerical cognition – no inversion effects in three-digit number magnitude processing in adults.Bahnmueller, J.; Moeller, K.; Mann, A.; Nuerk, H.-C.; Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien
2018-06-11On the Reproducibility of Meta-AnalysesLakens, Daniel
2018-11-30On the very-long-term effect of managing one’s own memory: The intention to forget improves recognition after a year’s delayNourkova, Veronika V.; Gofman, Alena A.; Kozlov, Mikhail D.
2012-11-30On Third Generation Activity Theory: Interview With Yrjö EngeströmEngeström, Yrjö; Glăveanu, Vlad
2018-03-13One world in diversity – A social-psychological intervention to foster international collective action intentionKnab, Nadine; Steffens, Melanie C.