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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Nachhaltigkeitskompetenz fördern durch „Gaming“ – ein interdisziplinäres Lehr-Lern-ProjektStarker, Ulrike
1998Nachruf - Wolfram MeischnerLander, Hans-Jürgen
2001Nachruf auf Wilfred SchmidtLück, Helmut E.
1997Nachruf: Wolfram Meischner 02.11.1932 - 11.10.1997Lander, Hans-Jürgen
2016-06-30Naive realism in the unmarried cohabitation controversy in the United StatesMcCracken, Andrea A.; McGlone, Matthew S.
2016-10-28Naïve beliefs about the natural world in a case of childhood onset amnesiaWinter, William
2013Namadeus - Spielen Sie Ihren Namen mit Mozarts Spiel (KV 516f) [Translated with]Reuter, Christoph
2015-06-30Narcissism and anger: Self-esteem and contingencies of self-worth as mediating self-structuresGarcia, Grisel M.; Watson, P. J.; Cunningham, Christopher J. L.; O’Leary, Brian J.; Chen, Zhuo
2017-03-03Narrating refugeDaiute, Colette
2016-02-29Narrative inquiry: An interview with Michael BambergBamberg, Michael; Demuth, Carolin
2018-01-30Narrowing the early mathematics gap: A play-based intervention to promote low-income preschoolers’ number skillsScalise, Nicole R.; Daubert, Emily N.; Ramani, Geetha B.
2014-05-28National Identification and Collective Emotions as Predictors of Pro-Social Attitudes Toward Islamic Minority Groups in IndonesiaMashuri, Ali; Zaduqisti, Esti
2015-02-18National Identification and Intergroup Attitudes Among Members of the National Majority and Immigrants: Preliminary Evidence for the Mediational Role of Psychological Ownership of a CountryBrylka, Asteria; Mähönen, Tuuli Anna; Jasinskaja-Lahti, Inga
2018-06-07Natural alternatives to natural number: The case of ratioMatthews, Percival G.; Ellis, Amy B.
2016-12-19The naturalized nation: Anchoring, objectification and naturalized social representations of historyHakoköngäs, Eemeli; Sakki, Inari
2019NaWi-Test -Test über das Wissen im nachhaltigen WirtschaftenBerding, F.; Slopinski, A.; Gebhardt, R.; Heubischl, S.; Rebmann, K.; Schlömer, T.
2019-03-19Need for cognitive closure may impede the effectiveness of epistemic belief instructionRosman, Tom; Mayer, Anne-Kathrin; Peter, Johannes; Krampen, Günter
2013-12-16(The Need for) A Model of Translational Mind Science Justice ResearchGoff, Phillip Atiba; Mentovich, Avital; Martin, Karin D.
2018-03-12Needed in psychology: Theoretical precisionValsiner, Jaan
2013-09-04The Needs of Victims: An Empirical Categorization Based on Interpersonal ConflictsKirchhoff, Johanna; Strack, Micha; Wagner, Ulrich