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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008MAAS - Mindful Attention and Awareness Scale - deutsche VersionMichalak, J.; Heidenreich, T.; Ströhle, G.; Nachtigall, C.
2015-02-27Machiavellianism and Adult Attachment in General Interpersonal Relationships and Close RelationshipsInáncsi, Tamás; Láng, András; Bereczkei, Tamás
2017-08-31Machiavellianism, relationship satisfaction, and romantic relationship qualityBrewer, Gayle; Abell, Loren
2009MaCS - Mannheimer Craving ScaleNakovics, H.; Diehl, A.; Geiselhart, H.; Mann, K.
2017-12-22Magnitude estimation is influenced by social powerHuber, Stefan; Bloechle, Johannes; Dackermann, Tanja; Scholl, Annika; Sassenberg, Kai; Moeller, Korbinian
2017Magnitude estimation is influenced by social power.Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien; Huber, S.; Bloechle, J.; Dackermann, T.; Scholl, A.; Sassenberg, K.; Moeller, K.
2018Magnitude or Multitude-What counts?Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien; Lachmair, M.; Ruiz Fernandez, S.; Moeller, K.; Nuerk, H. C.; Kaup, B.
2012-05-31Making up History: False Memories of Fake News StoriesPolage, Danielle C.
2018-03-12Mama Mach and Papa Mach: Parental Machiavellianism in relation to dyadic coparenting and adolescents’ perception of parental behaviourLáng, András
2012-05-31Manufacture and Validation of New Negative Priming Measurement for Studying Individual Differences in Working MemoryHamidi, Farideh; Roohi, Nasim Noorafkan
2017MAP-SR - Motivation and Pleasure Scale - Self-Report - deutsche FassungEngel, M.; Lincoln, T. M.
1995Maria Schmidt-Ihms (1913-1995)Lück, H. E.
1998Marie Jahoda und die Österreichische Wirtschaftspsychologische Forschungsstelle - zur Idee einer nicht-reduktionistischen SozialpsychologieWacker, Alois
2014-06-27Marital Satisfaction, Coping, and Social Support in Female Medical Staff Members in Tehran University HospitalsRichter, Jörg; Rostami, Arian; Ghazinour, Mehdi
2018-07-06Marriage is like a groundnut, you must crack it to see what is inside: Examining romantic relationship rules in Akan proverbsDzokoto, Vivian Afi Abui; Schug, Joanna; Adonu, Joseph; Nguyen, Cindy
2015-05-29Material culture: Still ‘terra incognita’ for psychology today?Moro, Christiane
2018Materialien zu: Psychische Belastung, Burnout, Perfektionismus, Optimismus, Pessimismus und Erholungskompetenz bei professionellen Sängerinnen und SängernHodapp, Bastian
2016-04-29Mathematical competence, teaching, and learning. Reflections on 'Challenges in Mathematical Cognition' by Alcock et al. (2016)Lee, Kerry
2012-12-19Mattering Moderates the Link between Gender Ideology and Perceived Fairness of the Division of Household LaborLachance-Grzela, Mylène
1995Max Brahn (1873-1944). In MemoriamGundlach, Horst