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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-09I am physically and personality-wise warmer when wearing round eyeglasses: Shape priming influences personality judgments and estimated temperatureOkamura, Yasuto; Ura, Mitsuhiro
2016-02-29I and my friends are good people: The perception of incivility by self, friends and strangersHess, Ursula; Cossette, Michel; Hareli, Shlomo
2018-06-28“I don't really want to be associated with the self-righteous left extreme”: Disincentives to participation in collective actionStuart, Avelie; Thomas, Emma F.; Donaghue, Ngaire
2013-12-16“I Have a Dream”: A Typology of Social Change GoalsSweetman, Joseph; Leach, Colin Wayne; Spears, Russell; Pratto, Felicia; Saab, Rim
2018-09-17"I have never worked with victims so victimized": Political trauma and the challenges of psychosocial interventions in EcuadorDonoso, Gina
2013-05-31“I Knew It Would Happen ... And I Remember It!”: The Flashbulb Memory for the Death of Pope John Paul IILanciano, Tiziana; Curci, Antonietta; Soleti, Emanuela
2014-05-28“I Like My Body; Therefore, I Like Myself”: How Body Image Influences Self-Esteem—A Cross-Sectional Study on Italian AdolescentsGatti, Elena; Ionio, Chiara; Traficante, Daniela; Confalonieri, Emanuela
1992"Ich erobere, also bin ich"Ahlers, Ingolf
1997„Ich möchte Sie ... dringend ersuchen, meinen Namen und die Erwähnung meiner Psychologie gänzlich zu unterlassen." Wilhelm Wundt und Hans Vaihinger in einer delikaten SituationUngerer, Gustav-Adolf
1994„Ich schreibe nicht Romane, ich bin Psycholog!" Karl May als Prototyp der innerseelischen Entwicklung des SchriftstellersKittler, Udo
2015-11-27Iconographic Professional Interests Inventory (3IP): A new validation studyBoerchi, Diego; Magnano, Paola
2017-12-22Identifying domain-general and domain-specific predictors of low mathematics performance: A classification and regression tree analysisPurpura, David J.; Day, Elizabeth; Napoli, Amy R.; Hart, Sara A.
2018Identifying the Determinants of (Non-)Replicability: The Theory of Planned BehaviorBosnjak, Michael
2018-02-05Identity and othering in past and present: Representations of the Soviet era in Estonian post-Soviet textbooksKello, Katrin
2016-05-24The identity process in times of rupture: Narratives from the Egyptian revolutionAwad, Sarah Hassan
2016-04-29Ideological bases of institutional trust in eastern and western europe and the effect of motivated social cognitionHadarics, Márton
2014-06-10Ideological Support for the Indian Caste System: Social Dominance Orientation, Right-Wing Authoritarianism and KarmaCotterill, Sarah; Sidanius, James; Bhardwaj, Arjun; Kumar, Vivek
2015-08-20The ideology of creativity and challenges of participationHanchett Hanson, Michael
2015IEBL - Inventar zur Evaluation von Blended LearningPeter, J.; Leichner, N.; Mayer, A.-K.; Krampen, G.
2019IES-2. Deutsche Version der Intuitive Eating Scale 2Van Dyck, Z.; Herbert, B. M.; Happ, C.; Kleveman, G. V.; Vögele, C.