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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014E-Learning in der Hochschuldidaktik: Zum Personalisierungsgrad virtueller LehreJucks, Regina; Hellmann, Jens Hinrich; Riehemann, Jens
2019-04-30Early traumatic experiences and their relationship with the emergence of depressive symptoms in adulthoodDervishi, Eglantina; Mujaj, Elisabeta; Ibrahimi, Silva
2017EBI-AM - Fragebogen zur Wahrnehmung der Psychologie als WissenschaftPeter, J.; Rosman, T.; Mayer, A.-K.; Leichner, N.; Krampen, G.
2014-03-28Eclectic Therapy for Dual Diagnosis: A Case StudySoundia, Stamatia
2016-12-23Economic strain and subjective well-being in married couples with children: A dyadic analysisKostouli, Marialena; Xanthopoulou, Despoina; Athanasiades, Christina
2012-12-19EditorialGarcia, Agnaldo
2013-11-25Editorialvon Humboldt, Sofia
2015-01-30Editorial Report and Acknowledgement of Reviewers, 2014Cohrs, J. Christopher; Vollhardt, Johanna Ray
2016-02-16Editorial report and acknowledgement of reviewers, 2015Cohrs, J. Christopher; Vollhardt, Johanna Ray
2017-02-03Editorial report and acknowledgement of reviewers, 2016Cohrs, J. Christopher; Vollhardt, Johanna Ray
2018-03-13Editorial report and acknowledgement of reviewers, 2017Cohrs, J. Christopher; Vollhardt, Johanna Ray
2016-12-15Editorial: A farewell full of gratitudePimenta, Filipa
2015-08-20Educating to tolerance: Effects of communicating social psychology research findingsLa Barbera, Francesco
2013EEI - Eltern-Erziehungsstil-InventarSatow, L.
2016-10-28The effect of alcohol on the nature of lexical representations in different taste domainsBaskini, Maria; Proios, Hariklia
2019-12Effect of computer-simulated leaders’ compromise on members’ emotional state and protest behaviorDias, Carina; Pinto, Isabel R.; Marques, José M.; Paiva, Tiago O.; Barbosa, Fernando; Cardoso, Sónia G.; Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, University of Porto
2018-08-31Effect of congruence between sound and video on heart rate and self-reported measures of emotionCalderón, Sebastián; Rincón, Raúl; Araujo, Andrés; Gantiva, Carlos
2013-10-25Effect of Job Autonomy Upon Organizational Commitment of Employees at Different Hierarchical LevelSisodia, Shalini; Das, Ira
2018The effect of layout and pacing on learning from diagrams with unnecessary text.Rop, G.; Schüler, A.; Verkoeijen, P. P. J. L.; Scheiter, K.; van Gog, T.; Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien
2020Effect of message framing on motivation to follow vs. defy social distancing guidelines during the COVID 19 pandemicLegate, Nicole; Nguyen, Thuy-vy; Moller, Arlen; Legault, Lisa; Weinstein, Netta; Psychological Science Accelerator