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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-08-30Café Philosophique with Lou MarinoffMarinoff, Lou; Popescu, Beatrice
2017CAINS - Clinical Assessment Interview for Negative Symptoms - deutsche FassungEngel, M.; Lincoln, T. M.
2019-03-13Calibrating the scientific ecosystem through meta-researchHardwicke, Tom
2019-03-13Calibrating the scientific ecosystem through meta-researchHardwicke, Tom
2014-02-28A Call for More Research on the Relationship Between Intelligence and Job Performance: Non-Task Performance, Non-Euro-American Contexts, and the Science-Practice GapOh, In-Sue
2019-06-04Can a small stimulus set reliably estimate individual differences in semantic salience?de Haas, Benjamin
2017-05-31Can the factor structure of Defense Style Questionnaire (DSQ-40) contribute to our understanding of parental acceptance/rejection, bullying, victimization and perceived well-being in Greek early adolescents?Giovazolias, Theodoros; Karagiannopoulou, Evangelia; Mitsopoulou, Effrosyni
2017-12-22Can working memory training improve preschoolers’ numerical abilities?Honoré, Nastasya; Noël, Marie-Pascale
2019-05-06Can you handle the truth? Motivational and Emotion Regulatory Antecedents of Selective Exposure to Health InformationChasiotis, Anita; Wedderhoff, Oliver; Rosman, Tom
2020-04-16Canada COVID-19 Snapshot MOnitoring (COSMO Canada): Monitoring knowledge, risk perceptions, preventive behaviours, and public trust in the current coronavirus outbreak in CanadaPrivy Council Office of Canada
2016-03-24Cancer pain management: Implications for psychologistsOgbeide, Stacy; Fitch-Martin, Arissa
2017-10-20Capacity for empathy and emotional contagion in those with psychopathic personalitiesLuckhurst, Cherie; Hatfield, Elaine; Gelvin-Smith, Claire
2016-12-15Caracterização dos cuidados centrados na família em oncologia pediátrica em PortugalSalvador, Ágata; Crespo, Carla; Santos, Susana; Barros, Luísa
2014-11-28The Case of Neuman’s “Computational Cultural Psychology”: An Innovative Theoretical Proposal and Welcomed Toolbox AdvancementsDe Luca Picione, Raffaele
2014-11-28A Case-Series Evaluation of a Brief, Psycho-Social Approach Intended for the Prevention of Relapse in PsychosisBrett, Petrina; Sorensen, John; Priest, Helena
1984CDKrivec, Georg
2005CDS - Cambridge Depersonalisation Scale - deutsche FassungMichal, M.
2017CENS-PE - Checkliste zur Erfassung neuropsychiatrischer Störungen bei ParkinsonerkrankungMeyer, A.; Hadinia, A.; Hatz, F.; Martinez-Martin, P.; Fuhr, P.; Stieglitz, R. D.; Gschwandtner, U.
2018-01-08Centração no paciente: Contributo para o estudo de adaptação da patient-practitioner orientation scale (PPOS)Grilo, Ana Monteiro; Santos Rita, Joana; Carolino, Elisabete Teresa; Gomes, Ana Isabel; dos Santos, Margarida Custódio
2018-06-19The Centrality of Events Scale for Italian adolescents: Integrating traumatic experience into one’s identity and its relation to posttraumatic stress disorder symptomatologyIonio, Chiara; Mascheroni, Eleonora; Di Blasio, Paola