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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-11-28The Case of Neuman’s “Computational Cultural Psychology”: An Innovative Theoretical Proposal and Welcomed Toolbox AdvancementsDe Luca Picione, Raffaele
2020-11-12Case study: GNU Guix in psychology research and teaching [Video]Braun, Lars-Dominik
2014-11-28A Case-Series Evaluation of a Brief, Psycho-Social Approach Intended for the Prevention of Relapse in PsychosisBrett, Petrina; Sorensen, John; Priest, Helena
2020-11-12Case-study: GNU Guix in psychology research and teaching [Slides]Braun, Lars-Dominik
1984CDKrivec, Georg
2005CDS - Cambridge Depersonalisation Scale - deutsche FassungMichal, M.
2017CENS-PE - Checkliste zur Erfassung neuropsychiatrischer Störungen bei ParkinsonerkrankungMeyer, A.; Hadinia, A.; Hatz, F.; Martinez-Martin, P.; Fuhr, P.; Stieglitz, R. D.; Gschwandtner, U.
2018-01-08Centração no paciente: Contributo para o estudo de adaptação da patient-practitioner orientation scale (PPOS)Grilo, Ana Monteiro; Santos Rita, Joana; Carolino, Elisabete Teresa; Gomes, Ana Isabel; dos Santos, Margarida Custódio
2018-06-19The Centrality of Events Scale for Italian adolescents: Integrating traumatic experience into one’s identity and its relation to posttraumatic stress disorder symptomatologyIonio, Chiara; Mascheroni, Eleonora; Di Blasio, Paola
2009CES-D - Career Exploration Survey - deutsche FassungRowold, J.
2016-04-29Challenges in mathematical cognition: A collaboratively-derived research agendaAlcock, Lara; Ansari, Daniel; Batchelor, Sophie; Bisson, Marie-Josée; De Smedt, Bert; Gilmore, Camilla; Göbel, Silke M.; Hannula-Sormunen, Minna; Hodgen, Jeremy; Inglis, Matthew; Jones, Ian; Mazzocco, Michèle; McNeil, Nicole; Schneider, Michael; Simms, Victoria; Weber, Keith
2016-04-29Challenges in teaching mathematics: Perspectives from students’ learning difficulties. Reflections on 'Challenges in Mathematical Cognition' by Alcock et al. (2016)Chinn, Steve
2014-10-30The Challenging Road to Reconciliation in Rwanda: Societal Processes, Interventions and Their EvaluationStaub, Ervin
2017Chancen und Risiken des Computereinsatzes in der MusikpsychologieFrieler, Klaus; Lange, Elke B.
2014-12-19Change in Physical Attraction in Early Romantic RelationshipsKarandashev, Victor; Fata, Brittany
2012-08-29Changes in Disease Perception, Coping Strategies and Diagnoses in the Case of First and Fourth Generations of Turkish Migrants in GermanyKizilhan, Jan Ilhan
2021-03-01Changes to student mental health during the Covid-19 pandemicToth, Eszter; Faherty, Thomas; Mazaheri, Ali; Raymond, Jane E.
2014-04-30The Changing Concept of Adolescence in Kenya: Three Generations SpeakGinsberg, Pauline E.; Kariuki, Priscilla Wanjiru; Kimamo, Charles
2016-05-24Changing the NHS a day at a time: The role of enactment in the mobilisation and prefiguration of changeMoskovitz, Liora; Garcia-Lorenzo, Lucia
2018-02-23Channels of computer-mediated communication and satisfaction in long-distance relationshipsHampton, Adam J.; Rawlings, Jessica; Treger, Stanislav; Sprecher, Susan