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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-10-01Idee und Wandel der Selbsterfahrung in der PsychoanalyseFrischenschlager, Oskar
2017-12-22Identifying domain-general and domain-specific predictors of low mathematics performance: A classification and regression tree analysisPurpura, David J.; Day, Elizabeth; Napoli, Amy R.; Hart, Sara A.
2018Identifying the Determinants of (Non-)Replicability: The Theory of Planned BehaviorBosnjak, Michael
2018-02-05Identity and othering in past and present: Representations of the Soviet era in Estonian post-Soviet textbooksKello, Katrin
2016-05-24The identity process in times of rupture: Narratives from the Egyptian revolutionAwad, Sarah Hassan
2016-04-29Ideological bases of institutional trust in eastern and western europe and the effect of motivated social cognitionHadarics, Márton
2014-06-10Ideological Support for the Indian Caste System: Social Dominance Orientation, Right-Wing Authoritarianism and KarmaCotterill, Sarah; Sidanius, James; Bhardwaj, Arjun; Kumar, Vivek
2015-08-20The ideology of creativity and challenges of participationHanchett Hanson, Michael
2015IEBL - Inventar zur Evaluation von Blended LearningPeter, J.; Leichner, N.; Mayer, A.-K.; Krampen, G.
2019IES-2. Deutsche Version der Intuitive Eating Scale 2Van Dyck, Z.; Herbert, B. M.; Happ, C.; Kleveman, G. V.; Vögele, C.
2016-11-18If stigmatized, self-esteem is not enough: Effects of sexism, self-esteem and social identity on leadership aspirationFedi, Angela; Rollero, Chiara
2018-04-26If they can’t change, why support change? Implicit theories about groups, social dominance orientation and political identityKahn, Dennis T.; Reifen Tagar, Michal; Halperin, Eran; Bäckström, Martin; Vitriol, Joseph A.; Liberman, Varda
2012-12-19"If You are My Friend, Please Show Your Anger…": Differences Between Friends and Colleagues in Faking EmotionsSeger-Guttmann, Tali; Medler-Liraz, Hana; Guttmann, Joseph
1993Ignace Meyerson - ein bedeutender Wegbereiter der Historischen PsychologieHapp, Heinz
2011IK-ÜW-AW - Skalen Impulskontrolle, Überwinden von Widerständen, Ablenkungen WiderstehenNeubach, B.; Schmidt, K.-H.
2016-07-28IKP-Symposium im März 2016 in ZürichKellenberger, Manuela
2017-12-07Il restera toujours des cicatrices. Entretien avec le Dr Julia Harsch de la Croix-Rouge suisseà jour! Psychotherapie-Berufsentwicklung, Redaktion
2018-08-17An illusion of inclusion? – Can counselling psychology do more to ensure equality and access to psychological therapies for deaf people, through their work with interpreters?Darroch, Emma
2018-06-19The illusion of knowing in metacognitive monitoring: Effects of the type of information and of personal, cognitive, metacognitive, and individual psychological characteristicsAvhustiuk, Maria Mykolaivna; Pasichnyk, Ihor Demydovych; Kalamazh, Ruslana Volodymyrivna
2017Im Dienste musikalischer Erfindung und einer neuen Wahrnehmung - Pierre Boulez und das IRCAMUngeheuer, Elena