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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-08-20How positivity links with job satisfaction: Preliminary findings on the mediating role of work-life balanceOrkibi, Hod; Brandt, Yaron Ilan
2015How space-number associations may be created in preliterate children: six distinct mechanisms.Nuerk, H.-C.; Patro, K.; Cress, U.; Schild, U.; Friedrich, C. K.; Göbel, S. M.; Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien
2014How structure shapes dynamics: Knowledge development in Wikipedia - A network multilevel modeling approach.Halatchliyski, I.; Cress, U.; Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien
2018-09-07How the eyes add fractions: Adult eye movement patterns during fraction addition problemsObersteiner, Andreas; Staudinger, Isabella
2019-03-14How to detect publication bias in psychological research? A comparative evaluation of six statistical methodsRenkewitz, Frank; Keiner, Melanie
2015-06-30How to flirt best: The perceived effectiveness of flirtation techniquesWade, T. Joel; Slemp, Jennifer
2018-10-31How women migrants cope with their labour experience: The case of Eastern European women working on strawberry farms in SpainLuque-Ribelles, Violeta; Palacios-Gálvez, María Soledad; Morales-Marente, Elena
1995Ein Hörbild - Tableau I-III von Sabine Schäferde la Motte-Haber, Helga
2002HSWBS - Habituelle subjektive WohlbefindensskalaDalbert, C.
2007Hubert Minkenberg: Aspekte des Musikerlebens erwachsener Laienmusiker. Eine empirische UntersuchungMinkenberg, Hubert
2012-08-29Humor and Resiliency: Towards a Process Model of Coping and GrowthKuiper, Nicholas A.
2014-08-13Humor Style and Motor Skills: Understanding Vulnerability to BullyingPlenty, Stephanie; Bejerot, Susanne; Eriksson, Kimmo
2014-08-13Humor Styles and the Intolerance of Uncertainty Model of Generalized AnxietyKuiper, Nicholas A.; Klein, Dana; Vertes, Jaclyn; Maiolino, Nadia Brittany
2014-08-13The Humor Styles Questionnaire in Italy: Psychometric Properties and Relationships With Psychological Well-BeingSirigatti, Saulo; Penzo, Ilaria; Giannetti, Enrichetta; Stefanile, Cristina
2014-08-13Humorous Coping and Serious Reappraisal: Short-Term and Longer-Term EffectsSamson, Andrea C.; Glassco, Alana L.; Lee, Ihno A.; Gross, James J.
2014-08-13Humour Use Between Spouses and Positive and Negative Interpersonal Behaviours During ConflictCampbell, Lorne; Moroz, Sarah
2014-06-27The Hungarian Version of Sociosexual Orientation Inventory Revised (SOI-R): Sex and Age DifferencesMeskó, Norbert; Láng, András; Kocsor, Ferenc
2018-06-07The Hype, Reality, and Hope for Big Data Analyses in Psychological ResearchOswald, Fred
2019-12-09I am physically and personality-wise warmer when wearing round eyeglasses: Shape priming influences personality judgments and estimated temperatureOkamura, Yasuto; Ura, Mitsuhiro
2016-02-29I and my friends are good people: The perception of incivility by self, friends and strangersHess, Ursula; Cossette, Michel; Hareli, Shlomo