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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Männliche Sexualität im GefängnisBorchert, Jens
2017Männliche Sexualität und HormoneMathers, Michael J.; Meyer, Carl-Philipp
2017-05-31The meaning of voices in understanding and treating psychosis: Moving towards intervention informed by collaborative formulationLonergan, Aoife
2016-11-18Meaning-making process related to temporality during breast cancer traumatic experience: The clinical use of narrative to promote a new continuity of lifeMartino, Maria Luisa; Freda, Maria Francesca
2012-11-30Measuring Patients’ Attachment Avoidance in Psychotherapy: Development of the Attachment Avoidance in Therapy Scale (AATS)Láng, András; Péley, Bernadette; Barlay, Laura M.; Bernáth, László
2020-03-25Measuring Supervisor Leader-Member Exchange: A Member Currency-Based PerspectiveIonescu, Anata-Flavia; Iliescu, Dragos; University of Bucharest, Department of Psychology
2017-08-31Measuring teacher job satisfaction: Assessing invariance in the Teacher Job Satisfaction Scale (TJSS) across six countriesPepe, Alessandro; Addimando, Loredana; Veronese, Guido
2016-11-18Measuring the effects of self-awareness: Construction of the Self-Awareness Outcomes QuestionnaireSutton, Anna
2018The mechanism of the social norms' influence on consumer decision making: A Meta-analysisMelnyk, Vladimir; van Herpen, Erica; Jak, Suzanne; Trijp, Hans C. M.
2018Mechanisms of epistemic change – Exploring the role of (non-)resolvable diverging information in epistemic changeKerwer, Martin; Rosman, Tom
2019-10-14Mechanisms of Epistemic Change – The Role of Reflection and Social InteractionRosman, Tom; Kerwer, Martin
2018Mechanisms of Epistemic Change—Under Which Circumstances Does Diverging Information Support Epistemic Development? [Dataset]Kerwer, Martin; Rosman, Tom
2014-06-26Media Usage and Civic Life: The Role of ValuesFirat, Rengin Bahar
2014-05-28Mediating Role of Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategies on the Relationship Between Attachment Styles and AlexithymiaBesharat, Mohammad Ali; Shahidi, Vahideh
2018-08-31The mediating role of perceived social support in the relationships between general causality orientations and locus of control with psychopathological symptomsDağ, İhsan; Şen, Gamze
2018-11-30The mediating role of self-concept and coping strategies on the relationship between attachment styles and perceived stressBayrak, Rıza; Güler, Murat; Şahin, Nesrin Hisli
2018-03-12The mediational role of coping strategies in the relationship between self-esteem and risk of Internet addictionServidio, Rocco; Gentile, Ambra; Boca, Stefano
2013-12-20Mediators of the Link Between Adult Attachment and MindfulnessCaldwell, Jon G.; Shaver, Phillip R.
2016Medienbasiertes Forschendes Lernen - ein ModellprojektHodapp, Bastian
2016Meditation und akademische Prokrastination - eine qualitative StudieThye, Miriam; Mosen, Katharina; Weger, Ulrich; Tauschel, Diethard