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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-09-04The Needs of Victims: An Empirical Categorization Based on Interpersonal ConflictsKirchhoff, Johanna; Strack, Micha; Wagner, Ulrich
2014-12-19Negative Changes in a Couple’s Relationship After a Child’s DeathSalakari, Anneli; Kaunonen, Marja; Aho, Anna Liisa
2017-02-14The negative knowledge of educational counselors: Forms, expertise-related differences, contextualization, and embeddedness in episodesGartmeier, Martin; Papadakis, Christina; Strasser, Josef
2013-11-29Negative Results in European Psychology JournalsVasilev, Martin Rachev
2015-10-16A neglected drama for elders: Discrepancy between self-perception and objective performance regarding financial capacity in patients with cognitive deficitsGiannouli, Vaitsa; Tsolaki, Magda
2009NEI-VFQ - National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire - deutsche AdaptationFranke, G.H.; Esser, J.; Voigtländer, A.; Mähner, N.
2018-07-27The neoliberal myth of austerity: Debt and solidarity in the forefront of public spaceVavvos, Andreas; Triliva, Sofia
2009NES - Need to Evaluate Scale - deutsche FassungCollani, G.v.
1990Neuere Arbeiten zur Psychologie im 18. JahrhundertJahnke, Jürgen
2013Neural substrates of cognitive control under the belief of getting neurofeedback training.Ninaus, M.; Kober, S. E.; Witte, M.; Koschutnig, K.; Stangl, M.; Neuper, C.; Wood, G.; Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien
2016Neurologische Musiktherapie in der Rehabilitation von Störungen der Hand- und Armmotorik nach Schlaganfällen: Hintergründe und Ergebnisse.Altenmüller, Eckart; Scholz, Daniel S.
2015Neuronal Correlates of Cognitive Control during Gaming Revealed by Near-Infrared SpectroscopyWitte, M.; Ninaus, M.; Kober, S. E.; Neuper, C.; Wood, G.; Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien
2009Neuronale Koinzidenz mit Unschärfe löst das Problem unbefriedigender KonsonanztheorienFricke, Jobst Peter
2014-09-30Neuroticism and State Differences in Partisanship in the USA: Emotional Stability, Ideological Orientation, and Republican PreferenceMcCann, Stewart J. H.
2016-02-29Neuroticism as a moderator of direct and mediated relationships between introversion-extraversion and well-beingFadda, Daniela; Scalas, L. Francesca
2016Neurowissenschaftliche Aspekte der Musiktherapie bei affektiven Störungen und bei Demenz.Fachner, Jörg; Wosch, Thomas
2013-12-20A New Era of Courtship: Let me Contemplate our Speed-Date to Determine the Interconnectedness of Conversation and Physical AttractionDix, Andrew
2013-12-20New Ideas and Clinical Practices to Improve Corporeal Self-EsteemFaccio, Elena; Olocco, Mara; Iudici, Antonio
2016-10-28A new measure of traditional values across cultures: China and Russia comparedTaormina, Robert J.; Shamionov, Rail M.
2018-09-07A new method for calculating individual subitizing rangesLeibovich-Raveh, Tali; Lewis, Daniel Jacob; Al-Rubaiey Kadhim, Saja; Ansari, Daniel