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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03-13Investigating processes of internalisation of values through theatre for developmentCourtney, Telisa; Battye, John
2018-04-25Investigating right wing authoritarianism with a very short authoritarianism scaleBizumic, Boris; Duckitt, John
2018-11-30Investigating the effects of cultural-mindset priming on evaluation of job performance behaviorsMishra, Vipanchi; Bost, Marcus
2013-08-30Investigating the Predictive Role of Social Self-Efficacy on Authenticity in Turkish University StudentsSatici, Seydi Ahmet; Kayis, Ahmet Rifat; Akin, Ahmet
2014-08-13Investigating the Role of Humor in Psychological Health and Well-Being: Opening CommentsKuiper, Nicholas A.
2016-12-23An investigation of demographic correlates of the Celebrity Attitude ScaleMcCutcheon, Lynn; Aruguete, Mara S.; Jenkins, William; McCarley, Nancy; Yockey, Ronald
2015-01-30Invoking “The Family” to Legitimize Gender- and Sexuality-Based Public Policies in the United States: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the 2012 Democratic and Republican National Party ConventionsPilecki, Andrew; Hammack, Phillip L.
2018Involuntary Autobiographical Memory and Future Thought Predicting Hallucination-Proneness.Allé, Mélissa C; Berna, Fabrice; Berntsen Dorthe
2019-05-31IPD Meta-Analysis of Complex Survey-Based DataHaensch, Anna-Carolina; Weiß, Bernd
2015-12-18Iranian-American’s perceptions of prejudice and discrimination: Differences between Muslim, Jewish, and non-religious Iranian-AmericansPaige, Shari; Hatfield, Elaine; Liang, Lu
2018Irrational critique of Israel and Palestine: New clothes for traditional prejudice? [Dataset]Bulska, Dominika; Winiewski, Mikołaj
2019-05-30Is AMSTAR2 an appropriate tool to assess the quality of systematic reviews in psychology?Kedzior-De Santis, Karina Karolina
2017-03-03Is rumination a risk and a protective factor?Harding, Kaitlin A.; Mezulis, Amy
2014-05-28Is the Relationship Between Marital Adjustment and Parenting Stress Mediated or Moderated by Parenting Alliance?Camisasca, Elena; Miragoli, Sarah; Di Blasio, Paola
2016ISAK - Instrument zur stressbezogenen Arbeitsanalyse für Klinikärztinnen und -ärzteKeller, M.; Bamberg, E.; Kersten, M.; Nienhaus, A.
2017-02-03Islamist suicide terrorism and erich fromm’s social psychology of modern timesAysha, Emad El-Din
2020-04-15Israel COVID-19 Snapshot MOnitoring (COSMO Israel): Monitoring knowledge, risk perceptions, preventive behaviours, and public trust in the current coronavirus outbreak in IsraelAharonson-Daniel, Limor; Davidovitch, Nadav; Fuchs, Galia; Dopelt, Keren; Shibli, Haneen; Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
2019-10-24Ist die psychologische Forschung durchlässig für aktuelle gesellschaftliche Themen? Eine szientometrische Analyse am Beispiel Flucht und Migration mithilfe von Topic ModelingBittermann, André; Klos, Eva Maria
2015Ist es das Lied und nicht der Sänger? Hit-Song-Vorhersage unter Verwendung struktureller Merkmale von Melodien [Translated with]Frieler, Klaus; Jakubowski, Kelly; Müllensiefen, Daniel
2019-12ISTA-F - Instrument zur stressbezogenen Tätigkeitsanalyse bei FreelancernClasen, J.