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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-31The interplay between self-construal, social support, and psychological adaptation of Indian immigrants’ in GreeceKateri, Evangelia; Karademas, Evangelos
2016-11-30Interpretative repertoires of multiculturalism – Supporting and challenging hierarchical intergroup relationsNortio, Emma; Varjonen, Sirkku; Mähönen, Tuuli Anna; Jasinskaja-Lahti, Inga
2016-08-18Interpreters’ experiences of transferential dynamics, vicarious traumatisation, and their need for support and supervision: A systematic literature reviewDarroch, Emma; Dempsey, Raymond
2018-09-28Intervenção em situações de violência doméstica: Atitudes e crenças de políciasSani, Ana Isabel; Coelho, Alexandra; Manita, Celina
2013-11-25Intervenção Multifamiliar com Adolescentes com Alterações de Comportamento: Proposta de um Programa de IntervençãoPatrão, Ivone; Rita, Joana Santos
2016-08-08Intervenções comportamentais de prevenção da obesidade infantil: Estado da arte em portugalFilipe, Jessica; Godinho, Cristina A.; Graça, Pedro
2019-12-09Interview with professor C. Robert CloningerStoyanova, Kristina
2016-06-30Intimate relationships and attitudes toward celebritiesMcCutcheon, Lynn E.; Gillen, Meghan M.; Browne, Blaine L.; Murtagh, Michael P.; Collisson, Brian
2018Intra-Individual Value Change in Adulthood: A Systematic Literature Review of Longitudinal Studies Assessing Schwartz’s Value OrientationsSchuster, Carolin; Pinkowski, Lisa; Fischer, Daniel
2014-06-27Intragroup Socialization for Adult Korean Adoptees: A Multigroup AnalysisLangrehr, Kimberly J.; Napier, Deborah
2015Intransparent German number words complicate transcoding - A translingual comparison with Japanese.Moeller, K.; Zuber, J.; Olsen, N.; Nuerk, H.-C.; Willmes, K.; Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien
2009-06-24Introduction and some Ideas as well as Visions on an Open Access European Psychology Publication PlatformKrampen, Günter
2017-08-04Introduction to the special thematic section on "aging and health in different sociocultural contexts"von Humboldt, Sofia
2012-05-31Introductory Comments: Special Issue of EJOP (May 2012) on MemoryWorth, Rhian
2018-03-13Investigating processes of internalisation of values through theatre for developmentCourtney, Telisa; Battye, John
2018-04-25Investigating right wing authoritarianism with a very short authoritarianism scaleBizumic, Boris; Duckitt, John
2018-11-30Investigating the effects of cultural-mindset priming on evaluation of job performance behaviorsMishra, Vipanchi; Bost, Marcus
2013-08-30Investigating the Predictive Role of Social Self-Efficacy on Authenticity in Turkish University StudentsSatici, Seydi Ahmet; Kayis, Ahmet Rifat; Akin, Ahmet
2014-08-13Investigating the Role of Humor in Psychological Health and Well-Being: Opening CommentsKuiper, Nicholas A.
2016-12-23An investigation of demographic correlates of the Celebrity Attitude ScaleMcCutcheon, Lynn; Aruguete, Mara S.; Jenkins, William; McCarley, Nancy; Yockey, Ronald