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2020The bhsdtr package: a general-purpose method of Bayesian inference for Signal Detection Theory modelsPaulewicz, Borysław; Blaut, Agata; SWPS University, Faculty in Katowice; Jagiellonian University
2020Supplementary materials to “A brighter future: The effect of social class on responses to future debt”Schmitt, Harrison J.; Keefer, Lucas A.; Sullivan, Daniel; Stewart, Sheridan; Young, Isaac F.
2020Supplementary materials to “How education did (and did not) accentuate partisan differences during the Ebola outbreak of 2014-15”Martin, Chris C.
2019-12-18(Selbst-)Archivierung bei SSOARGebert, Agathe
2019-12-13Modifikation und Validierung eines Persönlichkeitsinventars für Patienten des Maßregelvollzugs gem. § 64 StGB (PI-MRV-64). Projektbeschreibung.Schwarz, Michael; Mokros, Andreas
2019-12-12Code for: Breakoffs in Web Surveys: Separating Introduction and Questionnaire BreakoffsČehovin, Gregor; Vehovar, Vasja; Centre for Social Informatics, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana
2019-12-11Ways Out of the Replication CrisisSteiner, Peter M.; Wong, Vivian C.
2019-12-11Ways Out of the Replication CrisisSteiner, Peter M.; Wong, Vivian C.
2019-12-09Рецензия на монография: „психология на семейните отношения“ с автор наташа ангеловаKrastev, Ivan
2019-12-09Pretesting a political skill scale in a sample of teacher-leaders from polytechnics in northeast NigeriaSalisu, Bala; Awang, Siti Rahmah
2019-12-09Demographic factors and religiosity dimensions as predictors of Islamic ethical work behavior in BruneiAminnuddin, Nur Amali
2019-12-09Lithuanian gymnasium students’ career education: Professional self-determination contextLamanauskas, Vincentas; Augienė, Dalia
2019-12-09Evolutionary aspects of a new eating disorder: Orthorexia nervosa in the 21st centuryBóna, Enikő; Túry, Ferenc; Forgács, Attila
2019-12-09Large-scale brain networks and Freudian egoDimkov, Petar Radoev
2019-12-09Positive personality model: Which traits relate to complete mental health as conceived by the Dual Factor Model?de la Iglesia, Guadalupe; Castro Solano, Alejandro
2019-12-09Иновативно изследване, посветено на естетическите преференции и индивидуалните особености на личносттаKrastev, Lyudmil Dimitrov
2019-12-09The background, psychometric qualities and clinical application of the visual analog mood scales: A review and evaluationAthanasou, James
2019-12-09I am physically and personality-wise warmer when wearing round eyeglasses: Shape priming influences personality judgments and estimated temperatureOkamura, Yasuto; Ura, Mitsuhiro
2019-12-09Exploring the nature, attributes and consequences of forgiveness in children: A qualitative studyAhirwar, Geeta; Tiwari, Gyanesh Kumar; Rai, Pramod Kumar
2019-12-09Age differences in aggression in Bulgarian primary school age childrenKoprinkova-Ilieva, Iva Ivanova