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2021-09-05The Judgment of Personality: An Overview of Current Empirical Research FindingsLetzring, Tera D.; Murphy, N. A.; Allik, Jüri; Beer, A.; Zimmermann, J.; Leising, D.
2021-09-04Different lexicons make different rivalsArndt-Lappe, Sabine
2021-09-04Strati cation without morphological strata, syllable counting without counts - modelling English stress assignment with Naive Discriminative LearningArndt-Lappe, Sabine; Schrecklinger, Robin; Tomaschek, Fabian
2021-09-03Supplementary Materials for: Identifying children with self-regulation problems: factorial structure and psychometric properties of the QUVA-p, a screening tool for preschool teachers.Scionti, Nicoletta; Luzi, Giulia; Zampini, Laura; Marzocchi, Gian Marco
2021-09-03Supplementary material for: Affective and Psycholinguistic Norms of Greek words: Manipulating their Affective or Psycho-linguistic Dimensions by Vaiouli P., Panteli M., Panayiotou G, submitted to Psychology Today journalVaiouli, Potheini
2021-09-01The Interaction Between Working Memory and Inhibition in Measures of Behavioural RegulationJarrold, Christopher; Murcutt, Izzy; Wilson, Emma; Li, Kailing; Shah, Punit
2021-08-30Supplementary materials for: Mental health status of health care workers during the COVID-19 outbreak: An International StudyNicolaou, Christiana; Menikou, Joanna; Lamnisos, Demetris; Kassianos, Angelos P.; Karekla, Maria; Gloster, Andrew T.
2021-08-28Internet Behavior and Satisfaction with Sleep, Health, Quality of Life and Physical Activity Self-Efficacy as Components of Subjective Well-Being: Findings from an Online SurveyGuza, Endi; Gao, Lingling; Lippke, Sonia
2021-08-28The Interaction Between Working Memory and Inhibition in a Choice Reaction Time TaskJarrold, Christopher; Wright, Georgia; Li, Kailing; Shah, Punit
2021-08-28Insular cortex dopamine 1 and 2 receptors in methamphetamine conditioned place preference and aversion: Age and sex differencesCullity, Ellen Rose; Guérin, Alexandre Arthur; Madsen, Heather Bronwy; Perry, Christina Jennifer; Kim, Jee Hyun
2021-08-27Do Open Science Badges Increase Trust in Scientists among Undergraduates, Scientists, and the Public?Schneider, Jürgen; Rosman, Tom; Kelava, Augustin; Merk, Samuel
2021-08-27Life path trajectories leading to deviant sexual fantasies in sexual aggressors of womenGauthier, Alexandre; Deli, Caroline; Garant, Etienne; Proulx, Jean
2021-08-27The mediating role of psychopathology in the emergence of deviant sexual fantasies in sexual aggressors of childrenGarant, Etienne; Gauthier, Alexandre; Deli, Caroline; Proulx, Jean
2021-08-27Hostile Masculinity and Emotional Negativity as Pathways to Hostility Toward WomenDeli, Caroline; Gauthier, Alexandre; Garant, Etienne; Proulx, Jean
2021-08-26Dataset for: Are minority opinions shared less? A conceptual replication using web-based reviewsZapf, Birka; Hütter, Mandy; Sassenberg, Kai
2021-08-26E-Mental Health Apps für die Diagnostik und Behandlung von KindesmissbrauchstäternFromberger, Peter
2021-08-25Dataset for: Working in Argan Cooperatives Alters the Time Perspectives of Amazigh Women in the Moroccan Region of Souss-MassaUnger, Alexander; Omari, Soumia; Papastamatelou, Julie
2021-08-25Validation of a multifactorial model of sexual sadismProulx. Jean; Gauthier, Alexandre; Garant, Etienne
2021-08-24Dataset for: Analyzing parents and peer attachment (congruence ) on adolescents' self-esteem.Karunarathne, Ishanka
2021-08-23Supplementary materials for: Are minority opinions shared less? A conceptual replication using web-based reviewsZapf, Birka; Hütter, Mandy; Sassenberg, Kai