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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-11-30The prospective association between the Five Factor personality model with health behaviors and health behavior clustersJoyner, Chelsea; Rhodes, Ryan E.; Loprinzi, Paul D.
2018-11-30In defence of machine learning: Debunking the myths of artificial intelligencede Saint Laurent, Constance
2018-11-30Contemporary digital life: Cyberpsychological perspectivesGradinaru, Camelia
2018-11-30Perceptions of close relationship through the Machiavellians´ dark glasses: Negativity, distrust, self-protection against risk and dissatisfactionInáncsi, Tamás; Pilinszki, Attila; Paál, Tünde; Láng, András
2018-11-30Positive variables in adult patients who are at different stages of a naturalistic psychotherapeutic treatmentGongora, Vanesa C.
2018-11-30Self-esteem, social comparison, and Facebook useBergagna, Elisa; Tartaglia, Stefano
2018-11-30The mediating role of self-concept and coping strategies on the relationship between attachment styles and perceived stressBayrak, Rıza; Güler, Murat; Şahin, Nesrin Hisli
2018-11-22Age-Friendly Design of Smartphones. A must or an option today?Petrovčič, Andraž
2018-11Systematic Review of Conceptual Approaches and Operationalizations of Radicalization FacetsBatzdorfer, Veronika; Bosnjak, Michael
2018-11Psychometric analysis of a questionnaire measuring goals associated with health information seeking (GAINS).Chasiotis, Anita; Wedderhoff, Oliver; Rosman, Tom; Mayer, Anne-Kathrin
2018-11Dynamics of participation in psychological studies. A meta-analysis.Burgard, Tanja; Bosnjak, Michael; Kasten, Nadine
2018-11The role of narcissism, HEXACO, and disintegration in conspiracy beliefsKnežević, Goran; Lazarevic, Ljiljana B.; Bosnjak, Michael
2018-11Seven-factor model of personality space – evidence from a cross-cultural studyKnežević, Goran; Lazarevic, Ljiljana B.; Bosnjak, Michael
2018-11Decomposing AltruismWindmann, Sabine; Schultze, Martin
2018-11Processing the word red and crystallized intelligence test performanceGnambs, Timo
2018-11Umfrage zu den Bedarfen an PsychLab 2018 mittels des DGPs VerteilersMüller, Stefanie
2018-10-31Естетически предпочитания при лица с екстравертна и интровертна насоченостYordanova, Bilyana; Krastev, Lyudmil
2018-10-31Addressing cultural issues in grief counseling with immigrants: The case of a bereaved Filipino family following homicideGiannopoulou, Ioanna; Bitsakou, Paraskevi; Ralli, Eleftheria; Chatzis, Fedon; Papadatou, Danai
2018-10-31Факторна структура и диференциални особености на естетическите предпочитанияYordanova, Bilyana; Krastev, Lyudmil
2018-10-31Дименсии на възникващата зрелост и дистрес на идентичносттаPapazova, Eva; Alexandrova-Karamanova, Anna