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2019-03-13Moving from What Works to What Replicates: A New Framework for Evidence Based Policy AnalysisWong, Vivian C.; Steiner, Peter M.
2019-03-13Assessing the Correspondence of Results in Replication StudiesSteiner, Peter M.; Wong, Vivian C.
2019-03-13Calibrating the scientific ecosystem through meta-researchHardwicke, Tom
2019-03-13Balancing Errors as an Approach Towards Better Use of Larger Samples in Psychological ResearchThielmann, Isabel; Hilbig, Benjamin E.
2019-03-13How do questionable research practices affect inferences of heterogeneity? A computer simulation.Hönekopp, Johannes; Linden, Audrey
2019-03-13Heterogeneity in the Results of Close and Conceptual Replications: Implications for Scientific Progress and Practical ApplicationsLinden, Audrey; Hönekopp, Johannes
2019-03-12Positive result rates in psychology: Registered Reports compared to the conventional literatureScheel, Anne M.
2019-03-12Screen recordings as a documentation toolHeycke, Tobias; Spitzer, Lisa
2019-03-128 Easy Steps to Open Science: An Annotated Reading List (To Give to your busy Supervisor/Office Mate)Crüwell, Sophia; van Doorn, Johnny; Etz, Alexander; Makel, Matthew C.; Moshontz, Hannah; Niebaum, Jesse C.; Orben, Amy; Parsons, Sam; Schulte-Mecklenbeck, Michael
2019-03-12The Impact of Open Science Practices on Research Methodology: A Case Study for Research in Judgment and Decision MakingJekel, Marc; Glöckner, Andreas; Fiedler, Susann; Allstadt Torras, Ramona; Dorrough, Angela; Mischkowski, Dorothee; Franke, Nicole; Goltermann, Janik; Miketta, Stefanie
2019-03-12Rethinking multiple testing for replication and preregistrationFrancis, Greg
2019-03-08Moderators of panel conditioning. A meta-analysis.Burgard, Tanja; Kasten, Nadine; Bosnjak, Michael
2019-03-01Moderators of the Self-Congruity Effect on Consumer Decision-Making: Extension of a Meta-AnalysisBosnjak, Michael; Erdfelder, Edgar; Sahin, Anil-Melih; Sirgy, Joseph M.
2019-03Adolescents and Adults Need Inhibitory Control to Compare FractionsRossi, Sandrine; Vidal, Julie; Letang, Marie; Houdé, Olivier; Borst, Grégoire
2019-03Data for meta-analysis: Signaling text-picture relations in multimedia learningRichter, Juliane; Scheiter, Katharina; Eitel, Alexander
2019-03Code for meta-analysis: Signaling text-picture relations in multimedia learningRichter, Juliane; Scheiter, Katharina; Eitel, Alexander
2019-02-22Location of the SelfSchäfer, Sarah; Wentura, Dirk; Pauly, Marcel; Frings, Christian
2019-02-22Data for "Research in social psychology changed"Sassenberg, Kai; Ditrich, Lara
2019-02-08Dataset for: Psychosis Proneness: A Neglected Personality Correlate of Right-Wing Authoritarianism and PrejudiceKnežević, Goran; Keller, Johannes; University of Belgrade, Serbia; Ulm University, Germany
2019-02PsychArchives: A Trustworthy Repository for PsychologyWeichselgartner, Erich; Ramthun, Roland