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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-11Dynamics of participation in psychological studies. A meta-analysis.Burgard, Tanja; Bosnjak, Michael; Kasten, Nadine
2018-11The role of narcissism, HEXACO, and disintegration in conspiracy beliefsKnežević, Goran; Lazarevic, Ljiljana B.; Bosnjak, Michael
2018-11Seven-factor model of personality space – evidence from a cross-cultural studyKnežević, Goran; Lazarevic, Ljiljana B.; Bosnjak, Michael
2018-11Decomposing AltruismWindmann, Sabine; Schultze, Martin
2018-11Processing the word red and crystallized intelligence test performanceGnambs, Timo
2018-10-31Естетически предпочитания при лица с екстравертна и интровертна насоченостYordanova, Bilyana; Krastev, Lyudmil
2018-10-31Addressing cultural issues in grief counseling with immigrants: The case of a bereaved Filipino family following homicideGiannopoulou, Ioanna; Bitsakou, Paraskevi; Ralli, Eleftheria; Chatzis, Fedon; Papadatou, Danai
2018-10-31Факторна структура и диференциални особености на естетическите предпочитанияYordanova, Bilyana; Krastev, Lyudmil
2018-10-31Дименсии на възникващата зрелост и дистрес на идентичносттаPapazova, Eva; Alexandrova-Karamanova, Anna
2018-10-31Social justice issues for counselling psychologists in GreeceKounenou, Kalliope; Malikiosi-Loizos, Maria
2018-10-31Strength, solidarity, strategy and sustainability: A counseling psychologist’s guide to social actionToporek, Rebecca L.
2018-10-31Seeking “home”: Personal narratives and turning points in the lives of adult homelessAndroutsopoulou, Athena; Stefanou, Maria-Marditsa
2018-10-31Draw squares, and you will discover that many competent and rigorous people are around you: Shape priming influences impressions regarding the interpersonal environmentOkamura, Yasuto; Ura, Mitsuhiro
2018-10-31Social justice, diversity and leadershipTribe, Rachel; Bell, Deanne
2018-10-31How women migrants cope with their labour experience: The case of Eastern European women working on strawberry farms in SpainLuque-Ribelles, Violeta; Palacios-Gálvez, María Soledad; Morales-Marente, Elena
2018-10-31The interplay between self-construal, social support, and psychological adaptation of Indian immigrants’ in GreeceKateri, Evangelia; Karademas, Evangelos
2018-10-31Greek host community acculturation expectations towards immigrants from Albania and Pakistan: The role of existential parametersTsouvelas, Georgios; Pavlopoulos, Vassilis
2018-10-31Bulgarian students’ impulsivity differentiated by gender, age, and some scientific areasStoyanova, Stanislava; Giannouli, Vaitsa
2018-10-31Мотиви за свързани с външния вид поведения при млади мъже с различен статус на телесното тегло: Качествено изследванеAlexandrova-Karamanova, Anna
2018-10-31Lithuanian gymnasium students’ career and professional self-determinationLamanauskas, Vincentas; Augienė, Dalia