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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02-08Study_1_first_sample_German_TurksKnežević, Goran; Keller, Johannes; University of Belgrade, Serbia; Ulm University, Germany
2019-01-15Does Eysenck’s Personality Model Capture Psychosis-Proneness?Knezevic, G.; Lazarevic, L.B.; Puric, D.; Bosnjak, M.; Teovanovic, P.; Petrovic, B.; Opacic, G.
2019-01-10The Effect of Shopping Satisfaction during Leisure Travel on Satisfaction with Life Overall: The Mitigating Role of Financial ConcernsSirgy, M. Joseph; Yu, Grace B.; Lee, Dong-Jin; Bosnjak, Michael
2019-01Twin study of the self- and peer- assessments of generalized prejudice: genetic and environmental overlap between prejudice, personality, and ideological variablesBratko, Denis; Bosnjak, Michael; Pocrnić, Martina
2019Materialien zu "Nonverbale Synchronie und Musik-Erleben im klassischen Konzert"Seibert, Christoph; Greb, Fabian; Tschacher, Wolfgang
2019Supplementary materials to "Contempt of congress: Do liberals and conservatives harbor equivalent negative emotional biases towards ideologically congruent vs. incongruent politicians at the level of individual emotions?"Steiger, Russell L.; Reyna, Christine; Wetherell, Geoffrey; Iverson, Gabrielle
2019Supplementary materials to "What do we want? Examining the motivating role of goals in social movement mobilization"van Bezouw, Maarten Johannes; Kutlaca, Maja
2019Estimating the Performance of Predictive Models with Resampling MethodsPargent, Florian
2018-12-10PsychArchives Metadata SchemaBaier, Christiane; Gerhards, Lea; Ramthun, Roland; Weiland, Peter
2018-12-04ZPID‐Monitor 2016 zur Internationalität der Psychologie aus dem deutschsprachigen BereichSchui, Gabriel
2018-12Moderating Role of Control in the Theory of Planned Behavior: A Replication and ExtensionLa Barbera, Francesco
2018-11-30Investigating the effects of cultural-mindset priming on evaluation of job performance behaviorsMishra, Vipanchi; Bost, Marcus
2018-11-30The role of prevolitional processes in video game playing: A test of the model of goal-directed behavior and the extended model of goal-directed behaviorKováčová Holevová, Bibiána
2018-11-30Family acculturation in host and immigrant couples: Dyadic research in an Italian contextRania, Nadia; Migliorini, Laura; Rebora, Stefania
2018-11-30Self representations and music performance anxiety: A study with professional and amateur musiciansCastiglione, Claudia; Rampullo, Alberto; Cardullo, Silvia
2018-11-30The Big Five, aesthetic judgment styles, and art interestAfhami, Reza; Mohammadi-Zarghan, Shahin
2018-11-30On the very-long-term effect of managing one’s own memory: The intention to forget improves recognition after a year’s delayNourkova, Veronika V.; Gofman, Alena A.; Kozlov, Mikhail D.
2018-11-30Improving temporal consistency of preferences: The influence of mental construalAydin, Asli Elif
2018-11-30Differential effects of workaholism and work engagement on the interference between life and work domainsDi Stefano, Giovanni; Gaudiino, Maria
2018-11-30The prospective association between the Five Factor personality model with health behaviors and health behavior clustersJoyner, Chelsea; Rhodes, Ryan E.; Loprinzi, Paul D.