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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-06-12Univariate Meta-Analysis vs. Meta-Analytic Structural Equation Modelingvan den Berg, Tessa; Jak, Suzanne; Hoeve, Machteld; Eichelsheim, Veroni
2018-06-12Impaired Interparental Relationships in Families of Children with ADHD: A Meta-AnalysisWeyers, Lena; Zemp, Martina; Alpers, Georg. W.
2018-06-12Domain-Specific Prior Knowledge and Learning: A Meta-AnalysisSimonsmeier, Bianca A.; Flaig, Maja; Deiglmayr, Anne
2018-06-12Bridging Meta-Analysis and Standard Statistical MethodsCheung, Mike W.-L.
2018-06-12MetaForest: Using random forests to explore heterogeneity in meta-analysisvan Lissa, Caspar J.
2018-06-12Gauging the Consequences of Misinterpretations of p > .05 in Educational Psychology: A ReviewEdelsbrunner, Peter A.; Thurn, Christian
2018-06-12A Meta-Meta-Analysis: Identifying Typical Conditions of Meta-Analyses in Educational Researchde Jonge, Hannelies; Jak, Suzanne
2018-06-11The effects of patient education on health: A second order meta-analysisSimonsmeier, Bianca A.; Flaig, Maja; Schneider, Michael
2018-06-11The relationship between well-being and physical activity: A meta analysisSimacek, Thomas; Ingwersen, Britta; Simonsmeier, Bianca A.; Bücker, Susanne
2018-06-11Where do web surveys work? A meta-analysis of response rate experiments across countriesDaikeler, Jessica; Silber, Henning; Bosnjak, Michael
2018-06-11How Do Testing Conditions Affect Creative Performance? Meta-Analyses of the Effects of Time Limits and InstructionsSaid-Metwaly, Sameh; Fernández-Castilla, Belén; Kyndt, Eva; Van Den Noortgate, Wim
2018-06-11A systematic survey shows that reporting and handling of missing outcome data in networks of interventions is poorSpineli, Loukia M.; Yepes-Nuñez, Juan; Schünemann, Holger
2018-06-11Systematisches Review zu den inhaltlichen Aspekten bei der Beurteilung einer Eltern- bzw. Mutter-Kind-Interaktion auf der Basis deutschsprachiger Verfahren - mit Appendix 1-4Müller, Jörg Michael; Hoffmann, Verena Alexandra; Wonner, Lena Isabel
2018-06-11Science meets Reality - systematic reviews for health policy decisions according to new psychotherapeutic methods in GermanyMatthias, Katja
2018-06-11Social network site use and academic achievement: Four Meta-AnalysesMarker, Caroline; Gnambs, Timo; Appel, Markus
2018-06-10Research Synthesis Conference 2018 - Abstract CollectionBosnjak, Michael
2018-06-10Research Synthesis Conference 2018 - Conference ProgramBosnjak, Michael
2018-06-09Extracting latent topics in large text corpora by taking metadata into account: Do empirical studies address psychological research topics differently than nonempirical studies do?Bittermann, André
2018-06-09Big Data in Psychology: Statistical methods for linked high-dimensional with traditional dataVan Deun, Katrijn
2018-06-09Predictive Modeling with Psychological Panel DataPargent, Florian; Albert-von der Gönna, Johannes