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2016Die Förderung differenzierter epistemologischer Überzeugungen bei Studienanfängern der Psychologie: Empirische Befunde und fachdidaktische ImplikationenRosman, Tom; Mayer, Anne-Kathrin; Krampen, Günter
2018Mechanisms of epistemic change – Exploring the role of (non-)resolvable diverging information in epistemic changeKerwer, Martin; Rosman, Tom
2018Mechanisms of Epistemic Change—Under Which Circumstances Does Diverging Information Support Epistemic Development? [Dataset]Kerwer, Martin; Rosman, Tom
2018-11Psychometric analysis of a questionnaire measuring goals associated with health information seeking (GAINS).Chasiotis, Anita; Wedderhoff, Oliver; Rosman, Tom; Mayer, Anne-Kathrin
2019-03-19A longitudinal study on information-seeking knowledge in psychology undergraduates: Exploring the role of information literacy instruction and working memory capacityRosman, Tom; Mayer, Anne-Kathrin; Krampen, Günter
2019-03-19The differential development of epistemic beliefs in psychology and computer science students: A four-wave longitudinal studyRosman, Tom; Mayer, Anne-Kathrin; Kerwer, Martin; Krampen, Günter
2019-03-19Need for cognitive closure may impede the effectiveness of epistemic belief instructionRosman, Tom; Mayer, Anne-Kathrin; Peter, Johannes; Krampen, Günter
2019-05-06Don't Tell Me What to Think: How Perceived and Suggested Risk Affect Selective Exposure to Health InformationWedderhoff, Oliver; Chasiotis, Anita; Rosman, Tom
2019-05-06Can you handle the truth? Motivational and Emotion Regulatory Antecedents of Selective Exposure to Health InformationChasiotis, Anita; Wedderhoff, Oliver; Rosman, Tom